Not Missing My Magazine Subscriptions

I was cleaning out my office over the weekend and came across several unread magazines from subscriptions that I had in the past which I’ve let go. I just realized that I don’t miss them…..much. At various times I had subscriptions to:

  • Maxim – This was a fun magazine that I had for a stretch in my late 20’s and early 30’s. I actually let this one run out a couple of years ago when I realized that I had outgrown it, that my future wife might not appreciate me getting it, and most importantly, from having the feeling that I’d read just about everything. I didn’t miss this one bit.
  • Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine – I love to read and this was one of my favorite magazines as a teenager, as it contains a lot of short stories in the mystery genre. I had subscribed to it for two years, but let it go about three years ago. I enjoyed it but it was hit or miss. Since I still have a couple of unread copies, I guess this was no big loss.
  • Entertainment Weekly – This was probably the hardest to let go. I had subscribed to this magazine since I was a freshman in college, when I got hooked into one of the ‘deals’ that they throw at newbie college kids. I really enjoyed this magazine for the 15 years or so that I subscribed, but it got to where I wasn’t reading it fully anymore. When I found out that my local library carries back copies, I decided to let it go. I do miss this one a little bit, but I plan on keeping up with their ‘preview’ issues through the library, which are the ones I enjoyed the most. These were regular previews of things such as the Fall TV season, Summer Movie season, etc.
  • Us Magazine – This one wasn’t for me but was my wife. She signed up for a really good deal a little over a year ago, and decided not to renew it as she felt that it was very repetitive.

So, we are currently not paying for any subscriptions. We have three monthly magazines that come to us, but they’re free. One is for Better Homes & Gardens which was free inside a cookbook my wife got for a gift. A second is a pregnancy magazine that my wife found somewhere. The third is a professional publication for my profession (project management) that is included in the annual membership dues for the national insitute. My employer pays those dues, so there is nothing out of pocket for me.
In all, although I miss the magazines occasionally, I realized that the money I’m saving by not having the subscriptions is worth more to me, especially since I have an outlet to read the magazine that I do miss the most. Just a little bit more that we can apply towards our debt!

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