Proud To Say I Insipried Somebody To Be Frugal

I was walking down the hall with a co-worker today, and he made a comment that floored me. It was simple. He said, “You inspired me to start bringing my lunch in everyday.”
I had no idea that I was able to inspire someone in that regard. I do bring my lunch everyday, but I don’t make a big deal about it. I simply bring my lunch bag every day and our re-usable container, and that’s that. Most of the time I bring sandwiches, but for variety, I’ll sometimes have leftovers or a pre-packaged meal.
Still, I had no idea that people were noticing.
I asked him about it and he said that it was more convenient to eat in the building versus going out or waiting in line at the cafeteria, and of course it was a big money saver. Only after he stopped spending the money on going out every day did he realize how much it was costing him.
I wonder how many expenses all of us have that we don’t even think about. For my co-worker it was lunch. For others, maybe it’s a daily coffee or a weekly trip to the mall.
We get so used to stuff that we don’t even think about another way.
I’m glad I insipired someone to see another way, and one that’s saving him money.
Now I can only wonder….
What else are people watching me do that I’m not aware of? :)

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