Running Shoes

I’ve taken up running on the treadmill in the morning’s before work.  Actually, I run three days, do a high incline walk one day, and a simple walk another day.  I take the weekends off.

One thing I quickly realized that I needed was a pair of shoes to fit the habit.

I actually waited several weeks to make sure that I was going to committ to the routine.  So far, so good.

So, at the recommendation of a friend, I started looking around for some Asics running shoes.  My friend runs about 20 miles per week, and has used Asics for a good portion of the time he’s been running.

I looked online and determined some of the ‘better’ reviewed types.  Armed with that information, I went to my favorite store for shoes:


Although I didn’t get the help to properly size them, I felt it was pretty easy.  The 8-1/2’s felt too small and the 9-1/2s were way too big, and the 9’s fit perfect.  So, pretty easy choice.

The local store had a pair that I wanted on sale from $89.99 to $64.99.  On top of that, I had a printable 15% off coupon that I used over the Labor Day weekend.  All told, including taxes, they were slightly over $58.

And, after using them for a week and a half, I love them!  They feel like I’m running on air.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that my parents gave me some cash for my birthday to spend on myself.  I’m happy to say that a portion of their money went towards these shoes, and I couldn’t be happier with them!

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