A Few Life Lessons From An Eight Month Old Who Is Learning To Stand

Our eight month old son is learning new things and advancing right before our eyes.  It seems not a day goes by that he doesn’t figure something new out. In the recent weeks, he has mastered crawling and the latest skill that he’s working to perfect is to pull himself up to a standing position.

Watching him learn and hone this new skill makes me realize that there are things he does in his learning process that we can apply to just about anything, whether it be saving money, getting out of debt, adjusting to a new job skill.

Here are just a few lessons that he is teaching or providing a refresher course on as he takes on the quest that is learning to stand:

  • Look for opportunities – Baby Beagle is always looking for new places that he can pull himself up.  At first, he started small using low objects like the sofa (with a cushion removed by mommy or daddy so he could reach), but once he got the hang of that, he went for the areas on the sofa that had the cushions in place, various toys, tables, whatever….
  • Practice makes perfect – Once he gets the hang of it, he’ll plop himself down and pull himself right back up.  He’ll do this over and over until he can get to his ‘new’ position quickly.
  • Know when to ask for help – Baby Beagle is pretty independent, so he likes to do and figure things out for himself.  Still, when he’s trying something new or going after something that he hasn’t attained yet (a higher pull-up for example), he’ll let you know when it isn’t going well, and will look for an assist.  This might be repeated a few (hundred) times until he catches on, but eventually he’ll master what it is your helping with and make it on his own.
  • Look for re-assurance when things don’t go as planned – Babies are babies and, just like in life, not every attempt works out as planned.  Though there have been hundreds of times where standing has worked out, there have been a few misses that have resulted in a bonk on the head or a face dive into an unyielding object.  The accompanying tears are a cry for re-assurance and comfort, a reminder that it’s not always possible to succeed 100% of the time, and to have people close by to help you during the times that success doesn’t come.
  • Take pride in your success – Very often, when Baby Beagle pulls himself up, he takes a second to look around, smile, and give a little cry of happiness in his accomplishment.  If you cheer him on, he’ll get even more excited often to the point where he topples over!  He celebrates and takes pride in his accomplishments, which gives him the motivation to repeat his accomplishments and to try for greater things.
  • When you fall, pick yourself up and try again – So many times, the first attempt doesn’t go as planned and the solution is just to try again and again.  Don’t give up.

It just goes to show that as much as we teach babies and help them learn, there is a lot that they can teach us as well!

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