AMC Movie Theatress Have Lost Their Mind!

I saw a couple of news reports on Friday that AMC movie thearess are raising their prices $1.50 per movie.


I thought AMC was already the most expensive biggest ripoff in the business anyways, and have stopped going to them.  We used to go for awhile when they were the first in the area to open a 30-theatre stadium seating showcase.  But, the other theatres have all built stadium seating as well as other amenities that they don’t have (reclining seats is one example), and have all stayed lower i nprice.

This price increase news will make AMC even more of a non-destination for the Beagle household.  In fact, Mrs. Beagle saw the news report and was outraged!  You know it’s bad when Mrs. Beagle gets upset!

We love going to movies during the afternoon during the traditional ‘matinee’ time.  A year or so ago we were looking around, and AMC no longer has matinee times.  The chain we favor (MJR Theatres) has matinees until 5pm or 6pm and even has ‘twilight’ rates that are even lower between 4pm-6pm, but the best AMC could offer is to offer a slight discount before noon.  Gee, thanks!

They said that with their increase, their tickets for a 3-D movie in Manhattan will be $19.50 per ticket.

$19.50 for a movie?

I remember when crossing the $10 mark was a shocker.  Now we’re near the $20 mark.

Nice work, AMC Theatres, you win the biggest ripoff of the wee kaward!  Proud, proud day!

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4 thoughts on “AMC Movie Theatress Have Lost Their Mind!

  1. WOW! $20 for a movie!!!! I go to Wehrenburg cinemas in the Midwest and you can still catch an evening flick for under $10 a ticket. Sheesh!

  2. WOW that's redonkulous!!! $20 for a movie, if you go on a date that $40 alone! "Sheesh!" is right!

  3. Out of control. This reminds me why I might see one movie a year. Sad thing is, they have taken what use to be a great family event and destroyed it.

    A couple weeks ago the kids wanted to see a movie. I sent them with mom because I just couldn't justify the expense for the whole family!

  4. If you can't afford it, don't go. Everything costs more in Manhattan. Welcome to the 21st Century. AMC has over 300 theatres in and out of the US. They got there by being better than Wehrenberg Theatres, who has merely 15…in once metropolitan area. Great, it costs 19.50, then don't get it in 3D. Its most likely offered in 2D at most locations bigger than a 10-plex. That will save you 4 dollars. If you really wanna save some money, go before noon. Every standard movie before noon is 5,6, or 7 dollars depending on your market. Manhattan is probably 7. Regal Cinemas (#1 largest cinema chain)raised prices as well. It's like wave. They all do it one after another, someone has to break the ice. AMC didn't become the #2 largest chain by offering rock bottom prices. Its a damn business. They have to make money. Do you know what the rent is on a standard 16-plex in a suburban area of LA? At least $32,000 per week! not to mention bigger ones in major cities. Upwards of $100k per week. Get over it. Stuff costs more now. Why don't you complain about gas.

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