Should You Use Coupons On A Date Night?

My wife and I are in a couples small group through our church, where four married couples get together once every other week to discuss various topics, either corresponding with a series that our church is putting on or just a general reflection of things, always centered around our beliefs.

The current discussion we’re in is centered around marriage, and the DVD that accompanied this week’s discussion spurred some interesting discussion, one of which centered around ‘date nights’.

Keep in mind that we’re all married.  Two of the couples (including us) have kids.  Two do not.  But, in everybody agreed that a ‘date night’ now and then is an important thing.

We discussed what we each defined as a ‘date night’ and that varied across the board.  Most said that it involved ‘going out’, but one of the men said that he’d even define a date night as spending dedicated time with his wife, even if it was at home.

Centered around the ‘going out’ aspect came an interesting side conversation, and that was whether it can be considered a ‘date night’ if a coupon is used, normally at dinner, but I suppose this could involve other possible elements such as using a coupon at a movie.

This brought about some lively discussion. There became two schools of thought here:

  1. Going on a date and using a coupon
  2. Using a coupon and calling that a date

I had never really thought about it, but I guess that there can be a fine line.

Personally, my wife and I use coupons whereever we can, even if we consider it a ‘date night’.  Neither of us have a problem with that.  And, while everybody agreed that using coupons is good and saving money is even better, I think that it was brought up just to make sure that the thought behind going out and using a coupon was “We’re going out because we have a coupon.”

If that was the case, I can see where some of the ‘romance’ of ‘date night’ might be rubbed away.

I thought that this was an interesting discussion, because it highlights just how different married life can be from dating life.  In dating life, the general perception seems to be that there should be no way that a coupon is used on an early date for fear of coming across as cheap.  I can attest to that, back in my single days, I never would have dared pull out a coupon on a first date (unless of course I didn’t like the girl *laugh*).

What do you think, does going out on a ‘date night’ have the same magic if a coupon is used, or does the coupon take some of the sparkle away?

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2 thoughts on “Should You Use Coupons On A Date Night?

  1. If your wife is on board with your financial goals (and she should be) then using a coupon shouldn't be an issue. In fact, it should be a demand.

  2. I wouldn't advise using a coupon on a first date! Once you know each other better, you should be okay.

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