Weekly Blog Roundup: April 22, 2010

I usually do a roundup on Friday, but I thought I’d try one on Thursday this time!

There have been some great posts in the personal finance world since I last did a round-up on 4/9.  Here are just a few of the excellent articles I’ve enjoyed reading.

Please take a moment to swing by these blogs, give them a read, and tell them that Money Beagle sent you!

  • Personal Finance By The Book – Stretch The Life Of Your Mower By Giving Him A Name – I loved this post!  It was a nice little story about the life of a lawn mower and how it took on a little life of its own and overcame little obstacles that other mowers probably wouldn’t have been able to, and all because it was given a name!  
  • Little House In The ValleyHomes In A Box…When Sears Ruled Mail Order – This is a very interesting article that goes back in time a few decades to when you could buy a house through the Sears catalog.  Not a play house (though I’m sure they sold those, too) but an actual I’m-going-to-live-here house.  I love houses and architecture so this one was an instant favorite!
  • Fiscal Fizzle – Too Much Of A Good Thing? Mortgage PrepaymentsFizzle talks about a few different dynamics of prepaying on a mortgage, which is always an interesting topic.  Not only is paying extra covered, but also the timing of payments.  Very informative read for anybody that is looking at ways to reduce the ol’ mortgage.
  • Free From BrokeCosts In Buying A Home Besides Your Mortgage – This is an excellent reminder about how there are many more costs involved in purchasing a home besides the monthly mortgage payment.  First time buyers definitely want to read these, and anybody that hasn’t bought a home in the last year or so who might be planning to do so could definitely use a refresher course.
  • Finance For A Freelance LifeWhy I’m So Glad We Don’t Have A Car Payment – Mrs. Micah gives some real world examples (my favorite kind!) of how not having a car payment has made for easier paying of repair bills that are always going to come up.  We have been car payment free for almost two years and it is wonderful!

Great job to everybody for some fantastic articles.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Blog Roundup: April 22, 2010

  1. Hey MB,
    I read Joe's story about the lawnmower too.
    I'd second that shout out. It was a great read about true frugality and conservatism.
    Rest in peace Lazarus 🙁

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