Sorry, Lowes, Last Week’s Sale Cost Us Both

Last summer, the hose caddy that we were using to keep our hose reeled up wore out it’s welcome.  It was a box that was designed to contain the hose, but it was difficult to wind and unwind.  It started to leak at the point where the hose connected, so that every time I was unwinding the hose, it gave me a nice spray each time it went around.  In addition, it was advertised as able to hold a hundred feet of hose, but the 100′ hose that I had always found itself with about ten feet hanging out at the end.

Purpose = defeated.

Hose = bye bye.

So, maybe it was premature, but I ended up getting rid of it at the end of the season.  I just didn’t want it in my garage anymore.

I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a replacement, and thought I had found it.  Last week’s Lowes ad had a really good deal on a replacement that I liked.  It was the same type that I had owned for eight years in the condo that I had lived at previously.  The sale was $18 or $20 (can’t remember) for a normally priced $30 reel.

Unfortunately, I missed the sale date.  Oops.

I went to Lowes with a list of things to get.  They had the best price around on umbrella stands, as the one we purchased with our set had sprung a leak and begun rusting.  I went there thinking maybe they would still have the sale or have something else that I could get.

No such luck.

I looked around but didn’t find a hose reel I liked.  So, I dutifully put the once-again $30 item into my basket, justifying it on the savings I was getting with the umbrella stand ($10 cheaper than anywhere else I found) and the $5 competitors coupon that I was armed with.  I could justify that, right?


I lugged the thing around the entire store, but when it rang up, I couldn’t bring myself to do it and told the cashier that I didn’t want it.

So, Lowe’s sale last week cost them a sale this week, and it’s also costing me in that now I have to keep looking around and eventually make another trip somewhere to purchase a hose reel.  Lowes set the bar low so now I have to stay somewhere near the bar.

Being frugal feels good but not when you don’t walk out with the item!  Lesson learned: Jump on the sale when you get it!

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