Are You A Lending Tree User?

Lending Tree is one of the most fascinating sites I’ve seen.  I don’t use it nor do I have plans to, but I’m always interested in the stories I read about Lending Tree experiences.

I subscribe to lots of other personal finance blogs, and I’ve seen all kinds of stories about people who have had various degrees of luck lending out money on Lending Tree.  I’ve seen some success stories, and also a share of not so successful stories, where borrowers have defaulted on the loans.

What I haven’t seen too much of are stories of the borrowers.  Who out there is borrowing money from Lending Tree?

I’m interested in stories about Lending Tree experiences, but especially borrower stories.  If you’re a current or former Lending Tree user, or have posted your experiences, let me know.  As I said, I have no ties to Lending Tree in any way, but am curious more than anything.

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