Sign Of The (RSS) Times

For those of you who read tons of blogs, like I do, you no doubt know what an RSS feed is.  For those who think my keyboard must be broken, here’s a quick summary: An RSS feed is a place where you can read a ton of blogs or websites in one spots.  The websites basically ‘publish’ their content to a ‘feed’ that is picked up by a ‘feed reader’.  Do an Internet search for ‘Google Reader’ for my favorite.

In any case, recently I added feeds for new items for our local library.  I added feeds for new adult fiction books, new CDs, and new DVDs.  Therefore anytime something new was added to the catalog, I would get a ‘new item’ show up in my feed.  I have found a bunch of great reads that way, as they typically include a brief synopsis of the book as well as the name and author.

Over the past few weeks, though, I’ve noticed the number of new items slow significantly.  First, I noticed that the CD feed was empty for days at a time, so much so that I actually went and removed the feed and re-added it from the libraries website thinking that they might have ‘re-published’ it.

Nope.  Turns out they just weren’t getting as many new CDs.  Even so, I was still getting oodles of DVDs and books, probably totalling 100-200 items per week.

Lately, though, I’ve noticed these start to slow down as well.  Not to the extent of the CDs but definitely noticeable.

My guess is that the budget has been reduced for the ‘New Items’ fund, and the library simply can’t order as many new things as they used to.

That’s sort of ironic, isn’t it, considering that I just saw somewhere how library usage has increased dramatically for many communities since the recession started.

So, you have demand up, but new items down?  Kinda sucks, but I guess it’s just another sign of the times!

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2 thoughts on “Sign Of The (RSS) Times

  1. The mayor of our city is threatening to close our library because her millage didn't pass and she is pitching a hissy fit. I think there will be a giant uprising if it actually closes, but the threat is there. I love our library, and a lot of unemployed people needs its resources.

    I hate our economy.

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