Link Roundup: August 20, 2010

Here are some excellent blog articles I’ve read over the past week and a half or so that I think are worth mentioning, and certainly worth reading if you haven’t seen them yet.

Give these a read and consider subscribing to their blogs as they have great personal finance advice and stories.  But, as always, make sure to come back to Money Beagle!

  • Financial Samurai felt a little uncomfortable in a recent social situation and wonders what do you do “When Rich People Call You Cheap“.  Definitely not a cool situation to be in, and made all the more difficult when it’s a ‘friend’ making you uncomfortable!
  • 444Express gave us a penny by penny breakdown on how you should “Save money – Eat at home” using one of my favorite treats (ice cream) as the example.  Anything involving ice cream is good in my eyes!
  • Funny About Money had an “Estate Sale Coup” and found some great items at bargain prices.  I’ve always thought estate sales might be a way to find some good treasure, but it sounds like you definitely have to do your homework!
  • Little Miss Moneybags gives some advice on “How To Eat Cheaply In New York: Dining Out“.  These are great tips to keep in mind not only for New York, but really anyplace where you might be looking for ways to eat out on the cheap.
  • Len Penzo has been subjected to  “DVDs From Hell“.where movie studios have introduced their latest intrusion into your life with previews that seemingly cannot be skipped.  Fear not, though, as the ever-resourceful Len provides tricks to get past this pesky intrusion.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the reading!

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