Link Roundup: August 27, 2010

We’re heading off for a final camping trip for the summer so I thought I’d leave you with some excellent blog articles I’ve read over the past week.

Give these a read and consider subscribing to their blogs as they have great personal finance advice and stories.

  •  Sustainable Life Blog is a little apprehensive about spending money on vacations and wonders “How Much Fun Should You Have While In Debt?”  My opinion is that you should have a balance where you make sacrifices so that you get out of debt but that you don’t burn yourself out by not enjoying life at all.  This article demonstrates what I’d consider achieving that balance!
  • Free Money Finance was introduced to “A Creative Way To Give“.  I’ve never done this or been on the receiving end of it, but it seems like you could easily make someone’s day with this approach.
  • My Dollar Plan is “Uncovering Rewards Programs For Every Purchase You Make” and this is definitely one worth checking out as you could be missing out on rewards for items that you purchase anyways.  Great tips!
  • Money and Such is sensing a change in the air at work and not in a good way.  Rather than bury his head in the sand, he is taking the bull by the horns as he announces “My Job Search Is On
  • Budgets are Sexy brought in a guest post who wrote some “Tips From A Vegas Virgin” which are helpful for anybody looking to go to Vegas for the first time or who hasn’t been in a while.  I’ve only been to Vegas once and some of these would have been good to know beforehand.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the reading!

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