A 10% Increase In….Baking Soda?

I was a little dismayed when I saw that the price of a large box of store brand baking soda went up by more than 10%.  It was $1.99 last time I got it, probably a few months ago, but this last time it was $2.19.

Seriously?  Stores are going after…baking soda…as their way to increase their profit margin?

I use it as a mix-in to keep the cat litter box smells down.

I’ve heard that Costco sells baking soda in bulk.

Sounds like it’s time to do some comparison shopping.

Hear that, Meijer?  I’m taking my baking soda business on the road so you’d better get busy finding another way to gouge me increase your margins.

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3 thoughts on “A 10% Increase In….Baking Soda?

  1. If they don't explicitly raise the price then they make the box smaller in a sneaky way which is also a raise in price.

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