New Year, New Projects!

Happy 2011!

It’s hard to believe that the new year is here already.  They go by so fast and the seasons seem to go in the blink of an eye.

That’s never been so apparent to me since we had our first child, as he grows right before our eyes.  Now that we’ve got another on the way, that feeling of time moving too fast only figures to get more intense.

On the note of the second baby coming, there’s lots of prep work to be done.

Little Boy Beagle is currently in the nursery.  He’ll be moving into his old room, which is currently the guest bedroom.  The current guest bedroom will be moved across the hall to the current office.  The office will be moved to the basement and combined into the exercise room.

Got all that?

I came up with a preliminary item by item list, but it basically boils down the following categories:

  • Clean out and combine the closets that will be affected
  • Move Office to the basement
  • Install ceiling fans in both the new kid bedroom and guest bedroom
  • Paint new guest room
  • Paint new kids room
  • Move and assemble furniture in guest room
  • Purchase and assemble furniture for kids room
  • Finish work (shelves, pictures, curtain rods, etc)

In an ideal scenario, it’d be nice to get some additional painting projects done  at the same time, since getting out and putting away the painting supplies seems to take up half of the time involved, but we’ll have to see.

We want to get all this done in the next four to six weeks.  That seems like a lot of time, but it’s not!  There are so many little tasks that have to take place, not to mention that weekends and nights seem to get eaten up quickly.  Plus, I want to get the painting done in as little a time window as possible, simply because both my wife and I can’t stand to have large portions of the house in disarray for long periods of time, especially with a toddler running around that wants to explore everything!

It’ll be a busy but fun few weeks and I’m excited to share the progress with you.  Let me know if there are any particulars that you’d like to know about.

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3 thoughts on “New Year, New Projects!

  1. Evan, I will most likely enlist my father in law for help on installing the fans but other than that, I can pull most everything else off.

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