Maybe Next Year I Can Save A Little More On Gas

I can’t complain about my current commute to work.  I live about two miles from work, so my daily commute back and forth is next to nothing, and as much as I complain about gas prices, working so close to home keeps my costs pretty low.

I’ve always thought that it would be cool to walk/bike to work given that I live so close, but here is the number of times I’ve done it:


The biggest reason is safety.

Although I live really close, there’s a major six lane highway that runs through the area and cuts between my house and my office.  There are two overpass options that I would have to choose from, and neither of them is safe enough for me to consider it.  Both are two lanes with not much extra space on the side.  I’ve seen people cross with bikes and on foot, but every time I see someone do that, I hold my breath and I know there’s no way that I could take that chance.

But, this year they’re rebuilding one of the two bridges, and along with the rebuild, they’re adding a dedicated pedestrian crossing.

The work won’t be done until the end of the year, so there’s no chance I would take advantage of it this year, but depending on how it all turns out, I could consider riding my bike or walking to and from work.  It would save a little more on gas…

..and I could get some well deserved exercise too.

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