Coffee’s Getting Expensive

I kept hearing about how coffee was one of the products that has been going up in price a bit, but I really noticed it recently.

I buy the coffee I make at home from Costco.  It’s their Colombian pre-ground version.  It’s a fairly large can and a much better deal than anything I can find at the store.  Plus, it’s good.

I only make it on the weekends and at home, so a can lasts me around four months.

Not bad.

The price for a can when I bought it in August 2010 was $9.99.  In December it was $10.99.  This last time, though, it was $13.99.

That means that it’s gone up 40% in less than a year.  I guess they were right!

Still, keeping things in perspective, that means that it costs me $3.50 per month for coffee (minus what I pay for half-and-half and the like).  I can’t really complain too much about that, because that wouldn’t get me coffee for more than a day or two if I were buying it at one of the specialty coffee shops.  Have they raised their prices too?

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2 thoughts on “Coffee’s Getting Expensive

  1. Yeah, coffee is getting a bit outrageous right now! I'm not sure if Starbucks raised its in-store prices, but I know it raised prices on pre-packaged coffee.

    I imagine Stabucks has enough margin built into the drinks they sell that they could deal with the some increase in price. I'm not sure if they hedge coffee beans, but that could help too.

  2. Unfortunately I don't think we've seen the end of the price rise either. Perhaps there are speculative forces at play with coffee as there are with oil and precious metals.

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