Way To Go, Fifth Third!

When my wife and I got married in 2007, she convinced me to make our primary banking institution Fifth Third.

Prior to that, I had used a credit union account that I had used for, well, ever.  My wife wanted to have branch access, something that the credit union really didn’t offer, and she had been a customer for years and was very happy.

I still have the credit union account, but we moved everything else to Fifth Third.

I have to say, it was good advice.

First, they haven’t yet nickel and dimed us on fees.  Far as I can tell, free checking still means free checking in their eyes.

Second, they still even have a rewards program.  I’ve heard that many banks are canceling rewards programs for debit card users, but Fifth Third even added some links to it from their Internet banking page.  The rewards aren’t great, but I sort of put that in the ‘anything is better than nothing’ category.

Third, though we really don’t use a branch all that much, we do have one close to our house, and they’ve been very helpful and friendly when we have needed them.

Fourth, they’ve been Fifth Third the entire time.  It’s nice to have consistency and finding that with banks these days is rare (even the aforementioned credit union changed names in the mean time), yet Fifth Third has remained constant.  That could, of course, change at the drop of a hat.

Keep up the good work, Fifth Third!

How’s your bank been over the years?  Are you happy or planning a banking move?

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8 thoughts on “Way To Go, Fifth Third!

  1. Just received notice in the mail yesterday that 5/3 is canceling rewards points for their debit card. I have been banking with them forever and agree they are good but just wanted to clarify that they are going down the same path as other banks.

  2. I've been with Bank of America and, while I've never had any problems with them, their attitude towards customers and their interest rates do not give me warm fuzzy feelings.

  3. @Anonymous – Wouldn't that just figure? Lol. I haven't gotten any notices yet but I'll have to keep my eyes peeled. Even without the rewards, I'd still rate them with high marks.

  4. I have been with my bank (Bank of America) for nearly 40 years. I like them because I usually get whatever I want. They are starting to make some changes that so far have not affected me. I have a wait and see attitude about my banking relationship. I also have a credit union account.

  5. We had Boatman's before it was sucked up by B of A. I don't care for B of A. Our favorite is a local bank, but even they are now starting down the nickel dime (actually $3) path on charges.

  6. I've never heard of Fifth Third. Though I have banked with Wells Fargo for over 10 years now and even though they are a "big box" bank, they've treated us fairly well. No bank fees as long as we keep minimums in our accounts and they are continuing their rewards for current customers, just not offering it to new ones. As long as everything stays status quo, I'll keep 'em.

  7. I've been with the same credit union for the last 15 years (same name and everything). It has been fantastic. They literally only have two branches, but around here the share branch system makes them actually have more locations than most banks. The network for this credit union is fairly closed and their balance sheet is very healthy since the majority of the people who are members are fairly high earners.

    Overall I have been very please with them

  8. @krantcents and Marie – It seems you either love or hate BoA.

    @Little House – I think the best you can hope for these days is the status quo. As long as you have that, they're at least not going to stick you with new fees.

    @Brian – We have a credit union account as well. It's still open but kind of dormant. It's nice to know it's there if we need it.

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