Closing Day!

This afternoon is our scheduled closing.  It amazes me how many details are rushed until the last minute.  At T-minus 24 hours, I didn’t even know the final mortgage amount.

I had gotten confirmation that the closing was taking place via an e-mail.  I requested a change from the info (they were still using my wife’s maiden name which is how it was on the original mortgage since we had not yet gotten married) and had inquired about final numbers.  A lady called and still said ‘everything was in process’.

They also told me that I would likely be getting a check at closing, because they’d overestimated the closing costs in the Good Faith estimate, but had kept the same mortgage amount.  I said that I wished that she could just change the mortgage amount so it would be a net-zero transaction, and she told me ‘Oh, no problem, we can still do that’.

With less than 24 hours to go.  But she assured me that this happened all the time and that everything is going, in her words, ‘Great!’

Makes me nervous but so far everything has been smooth sailing, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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1 thought on “Closing Day!

  1. I remember the feeling from selling my condo in May. It can do a number on your nerves! Good luck, and remember check and recheck Everything. My numbers were off to the tune of $700 (in my favor) due to some tax issues and an accoutning error. out of a buyer, two laywers, and two RE professionals, i'm the only one that caught it… and the only one that brought an actual calculator.

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