And Already It Starts

Our (almost) thirteen month old daughter has an obsession that can only mean trouble to my wallet down the road:


She loves them.

She ignores most of the toys, and instead will walk/crawl to the laundry room where we have the shoe caddy.Β  She’ll find hers and will sit and cry until someone puts them on her feet.

Then, she’ll stay there, taking everybody else’s shoes down and throwing them into a big pile.

Shoes are her thing.

At thirteen months.


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23 thoughts on “And Already It Starts

    • She does love to eat (but is skinny as a rail) and make sure she has everything that we’re eating.

    • She’s got a few months but I’m sure that’ll be next. Though with her, she’ll probably take on and off her own shoes πŸ™‚

    • It’s very cute, I must say. Whenever she disappears and gets quiet, we know exactly where she is πŸ™‚

  1. Neat story. And as a parent of a school-age girl, I can also say this to you: Good luck! πŸ™‚

    I say this because I’m looking at a row of 6 shoes that my elementary school daughter has lined up. All hers, and appropriate in this season, so excluding winter boots, etc. It does start early, I suppose!
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  2. gasp! This does sound pricey.

    Best kid obsession in my experience: my daughter-in-sin’s son fell in love with vacuum cleaners. After he outgrew the plastic toy version he used to “vacuum” the floor with, Mom & Dad bought him a Hoover. For years, the kid kept their floors spotlessly clean!
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  3. Cute! I had two boys and they were more inclined to go barefoot than wear shoes. I was never into shoes until I had a couple of years with painful feet where I could only wear ugly men’s casual wear shoes. After I resolved the foot pain by embarking on the GAPS Diet, suddenly I realized I can wear “pretty” shoes! Now I have quite a few pair but I rarely pay full price, I shop at Ross Dress for Less or find barely worn pairs from Savers Thrift stores. I even had to buy a shoe rack to hold them all.
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    • We have a shoe caddy in our laundry room but we’ll probably have to get a second regardless of her obsession, as it was just the perfect size for three of us to have shoes.

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