Little Feet Cost Big Money

They say that having kids is expensive.  Which is definitely true.  But, I never realized how much one particular aspect was really expensive.  So much that I think when you calculate all the big costs (college, food, clothing), it should have it’s own line item.


Yikes, was I surprised when Mrs. Beagle informed me that she had to go shoe shopping for the kids, and the bill for one pair of shoes came in at almost fifty bucks!

We want to get shoes that are good and durable for everyday use, and that also offer the proper support and fit for growing feet.  We’ve found that if we buy shoes from Target or WalMart, they don’t match all of those criteria.

Either they don’t fit right or they start falling apart within days or something else.

Even so, I was surprised when we got Stride Rite shoes for Little Girl Beagle and the bill was nearly fifty dollars.  When Mrs. Beagle asked what I had expected to pay, I thought about and said, “Probably around thirty bucks”

I guess I figured the cheaper shoes would probably be around $15-20 and more expensive shoes would be around $30 or so.

I guess I was a little off!

We are always on top of sales, and unfortunately one that we weren’t on this year was the Stride Rite outlet store sale, where you can get your second pair of shoes at 50% if you buy a pair at regular price.

We’ve done this before when we were just buying shoes for Little Boy Beagle, and would either get him two different types of shoes around his current size, or would buy a larger size with the half off pair in anticipation of his feet growing.

Which they always do!

I guess I’m going to need to nudge up the clothing budget even further as these little feet grow.

Have you been surprised by the cost of kids shoes?  Do you have any tips for saving money on kids shoes?

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16 thoughts on “Little Feet Cost Big Money

  1. I fond myself in the same situation a few years ago. I was just amazed how much shoes can cost for kids. They grow out of them so quickly. When you have multiple kids, like we do, we’re able to save them and use them for the next child…as long as they’re gender appropriate and still wearable. Other than that, we’ve just had to increase our clothing budget.
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  2. I find so many clothing items a lot more expensive than they should be even for adults. I don’t have kids yet but I might look into thrift stores more when I do. They grow out of things so fast it seem silly to buy new.
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    • My wife does buy quite a few things from thrift stores, but so far shoes is one thing she is a little grossed out by to buy used.

  3. I get my kids shoes at consignment shops and sales. The nice ones are there most of the time and still in god condition because toddlers grow out of their shoes so quickly and cost under $10.

    • Good point. As I mentioned in another reply, my wife has so far not been able to get past the potential ‘gross’ factor of our kids wearing strangers shoes. But, who knows, there are probably a million other more germy things to be worried about!

  4. I do like Stride Rite – good quality shoes. But unless there’s a sale, they are really expensive. We buy some of our shoes at Children’s Place, especially summer ones – typically good prices, especially since they’re always having sales or email coupons to use a few times a month. We bought a really good pair of tennis shoes there that he’s been wearing for most of the year so far. Surprisingly pretty good quality as they have lasted this long.

    He’s just recently been sized (at Stride Rite of course) at Infant 7.5/8 depending on the shoe type , but he still fits in his size 7’s bought from CP. But this means new shoes soon. Although interesting enough we were told that for winter boots he’ll need a size 10 due to socks and many winter boots fitting small? weird. But yes, before having a child I did not realize that kids shoes could cost as much as if not more than adult shoes! Seems like it should be the opposite. I suppose it’s like buying a laptop, which is smaller and more portable, can be the same price or more than desktop computers. Making quality stuff in smaller sizes costs more?

    • Good way to think about it, I’ve never looked at it that way. Though it does bother me when I buy shirts (I wear either S or M) and pay the same as the XXL stuff, which uses twice the material!

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