Contest: Forgetting Things When Packing For Vacation

It’s inevitable.  You arrive at the vacation destination that you’ve been planning for months, only to realize that you forgot something.  You know exactly where it’s sitting…back at your house.  This leads to unnecessary expenses, wasted time, and a general feeling of unease as you’ll constantly be wondering what else you might have forgotten.

Forget About Forgetting

How do you get past the forgetfulness of vacation.  Here are a few tips:

  • Make a list – When you’re getting ready to start packing for your trip, make a list of what items you want to pack beforehand.  Then, go by that list to start getting things ready.
  • Add to your list while packing – While you’re packing up, you’ll inevitably add items to your pile.  When you do this, add them to your list as well.
  • Add to it once again when you get back – If you are on vacation and realize you forgot something, the damage has already been done for that trip.  Make sure whatever the item is doesn’t burn you next time.  When you get home, add to your list any items which you realized that you’d forgotten.
  • Store your list – Next time you go vacation, use the list you just created as a reference guide.  Every trip is different, of course, but chances are if you look at your lists from trips past, it’ll trigger something that will reduce the chances of forgetting something important next time.  Tip: Keep your list with your luggage or bags, so that you don’t have to go searching for it next time.

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Good luck and happy packing!

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10 thoughts on “Contest: Forgetting Things When Packing For Vacation

  1. I use a list for camping trips because in the early days of camping, we’d always forget something (or realize we needed to include something that we’d never thought of!) It’s very handy!

  2. Storing the list of what you packed last time is a great idea. When we’re getting ready to go somewhere, I always write down a list of things that we need to take with, and things we need to do (like feed the cats). Check them off as they get done or as they get put in the van. Not to say we haven’t forgotten things, but it certainly helps cut down on those occurrences.

  3. I love the idea of keeping your previous list! We usually do a list ourselves, especially when bringing the kids, because there can be so many little things we need to bring that it can be easy to forget something.

  4. Lists are invaluable when it comes to vacation time. I have recently found a great site for making lists online. Its simple and powerful. Its called Workflowy. I find it very helpful in whatever list needs I may have.

  5. List is a great idea when going on a vacation. When I am having vacation, I always do make a list on what will I do during the vacation. I would do it as, Day1, Day2, and etc. And the result was great! I had a wonderful vacation. It was really better if you have prepared your things to do and the things you brought with you. 🙂

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