Home Improvement Projects And Wish List

It’s been a fairly busy year around the house for getting home repairs, ranging from maintenence to repairs to upgrades.  I thought I’d share some of the items we’ve worked on, as well as looking ahead to some of the things we might still do, and finish off with a few ‘dream’ projects.


  • Tree removal – We had one big tree removed this year as it was getting attacked by bugs, which seems to be going around the elm trees in our neighborhood.  In fact, another nearby tree is showing signs of stress and will likely have to come down.
  • Sink and faucet upgrades – Our kitchen sink was white porcelin, shallow, chipped, and had a leaky faucet.  We had the sink replaced with a deeper, modern stainless steel option, as well as a new brushed nickel faucet.  It really helped improve the look of our kitchen.  In addition, we had a chipped bathroom sink replaced, and two bathroom faucets replaced.

In Progress:

  • Deck Repairs – Our deck was starting to show signs of wear.  Railings and posts were starting to warp or exhibit signs of rot.  We hired someone to reinforce all of the railing posts, replace several posts which went into the ground and had rotted, and also replaced all of the stairway plank boards.  All that’s left is that I would like to put a coat of paint on it to protect it over the winter.
  • Painting – We moved the kids rooms around, so three bedrooms need to be repainted.  I’m finishing up the third room.  We also decided to repaint an upstairs bathroom, which I’ll finish up as well.  This has taken quite a bit of time, as we got going on it during the summer, which is busy, plus I decided that I was doing a full paint, including trim and ceilings.  The results have been fantastic, they’ve just taken a while and had things upstairs in a fair bit of disarray.
  • Our first LED bulbs – When we moved into our home in 2007, we put CFL bulbs where we could.  We’ve had several fail, and we took the opportunity to replace a couple of lamps with LED bulbs, which are more expensive but use less electricity, seem to be more environmentally safe, and put out a more natural light.  Our local electric company offers subsidies from time to time, so I was able to pick up a couple of bulbs for half their usual price.  So far, we are very pleased with the results.


  • New Mantel – We have a fairly typical fireplace with tile in front and around, but my wife has always wanted a mantel.  The man that did our deck repair will hopefully be able to come up with something simple and affordable in time for the holidays, so that we can hang our stockings in front of the fireplace.

Wish List:

We probably won’t get to these, but if I had my way…

  • Window Replacement – Some of the double paned windows on the front side of our house are starting to fail, as you can see moisture between the panes.  This is where the most sunlight hits, so it makes sense that they’d go first.
  • Replace grout in the bathroom –  Every time I look at our stained grout around the shower, I think how awesome it would be to get this redone.  For now, it doesn’t look so great but it’s still holding the water in where it’s supposed to, so why wake a sleeping baby?
  • Landscaping updates – Some of our bushes are getting a bit too big, so it’d be nice to have them replaced.  I may give them a good trim before the end of the year but it would really be nice to rip them out and put something a little more contemporary, but that’s probably not in the budget, and time is a little short to do any remaining planting.  It doesn’t help that the person who had done our landscaping projects is no longer offering services.  It stinks when you lose someone reliable!

Readers, what are your home improvement goals and achievements for the year and time ahead?

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12 thoughts on “Home Improvement Projects And Wish List

  1. You’ve inspired me to get off my butt and some of our projects done:)
    We have to get some shelves, art, and mirrors up, reorganize our home office, and replace some more bulbs with more energy efficient ones.

    My goal will be getting the bulbs replaced and the home office done this weekend.

  2. I recently did some minor home improvement projects. I found that having a list of the planned work made it more efficient and help me prepare for the additional expenses. It is amazing how some small improvements make a big difference.

    • It is nice to have goals laid out, though I’ve found that when you get too detailed, that’s when something springs its way onto the list that you’d not even expect.

  3. We pretty much have our painting done (after moving in 4 years ago), but we have this one extra room we just can’t figure out what to do with. It really bothers me :/

  4. I thought my list was done but we’re putting in rock in our flower beds because we can’t keep up with all the weeding. My wife also said yesterday…hey did you see the neighbors new deck the next street over? …uh no…looks like that will be on the list for next spring. Just need to get the yard in shape for the winter.

    • Haha, good luck with everything, especially the deck. When our deck eventually needs full replacement, I don’t know that I’ll do wood, I would either do Trax or look at some sort of patio.

  5. I have a big list. Number one is to get a crack in our house foundation fixed. Sometimes homeownership is a pain. Need to touch up some paint. Hubby is in charge of lighting and light bulbs. I am debating about painting the risers and spindles on our wooden stairs. It is going to be a big job – so not sure yet.

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