A Few Random Updates: Spring, Fitness, Candy, and More

Hi all, I hope that you’ve had a great week and are looking forward to the upcoming weekend.

Spring Has Sprung!mb-201403mower

Spring here in Michigan has fully arrived.  This is one of my favorite times of the year, simply because I love how green everything is.  The leaves are finally popping out (which seems much later this year than normal, but maybe that’s just me), and what I really love is how the grass is all green.  Even the yards whose owners never water or fertizlie look good now for at least a few days.  It really is eye opening!

April Fitness Update

I have been doing fitness updates for the last few months, and thought that this time I’d consolidate it in with some other stuff.  April was a good month at the gym.  I met my goals of running 12 times and doing 6 weight training sessions.  Ironcially, one of the things they started promoting at our gym was to point out that a good mix is the ideal approach, so I’m glad I got ahead of that one.

I improved my average pace from a 9:49 mile to 9:34, and increased my average run distance from 3.7 miles to 4.2 miles.

This month, I hope for the same numbers.  I actually foresee a bit slower pace on my running.  I’m starting to do some outdoor running, and I find that my pace is a bit slower.  I also go with my wife, and her pace is a bit slower.  We both run in intervals, where I normally go 3 minutes on and 30 seconds off (walking), she prefers to walk for a full minute.  That adds on a little bit of time to the average mile, but the plus side is that it’s extra time I get to spend with my wife, and that’s awesome.

I’m weighing in at 156 pounds and 16.5% body fat, so as expected, I’m pretty much leveling off.  Now the trick is to keep the weight number from going back up!  I would like to eventually get around 15% body fat.

Candy Free (At Work At Least)

Earlier this year, I decided to give up pretty much all junk food for Lent.  Ice cream, chips, candy, and the like were out for me for the six and a half weeks between Ash Wednesday and Easter.  Following Easter, I have removed many restrictions, though trying to keep in moderation, so I’ll now enjoy a bit of indulging but one area where I won’t is at work. When I looked at my habits, I realized that grabbing a piece or two of candy from whatever candy jar was available was all too common of a habit.  It was a piece here and  a piece there, but I know that it added up, and I admitted to myself that there were definitely times I would go to someone’s work area just to hit the candy dish.  Not good and not needed!

I’ve realized that in eating candy, it’s like spending money,  A few bucks here and there might not seem like a big deal, but when you add up a couple bucks here and a little bit there, it’s a big savings opportunity you no longer have, and likely on purchases you really didn’t need.  Same with my candy habit.  A piece here and piece there wasn’t a big deal, but I bet if I added up all the pieces I was taking in, it would be a pretty big pile of candy….none of which I actually needed!


I completed two painting projects this past weekend.  I have been working on the kitchen, taking it from a bright red to a more toned down light gray color.  I also did the ceiling and wood trim, and just put the finishing touches on this past weekend.  I also did a coat on the deck. Every four years, I do a full job, where I power was all the old paint off and put two coats on, but in the middle, I add one extra coat of paint. This ‘mid-term’ job won’t last as long, but it carries us through, and it’s not all that involved.

Readers, what have you been up to and how are your goals going, financial or otherwise?

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8 thoughts on “A Few Random Updates: Spring, Fitness, Candy, and More

  1. Nicely done. It’s hard to avoid snacking at work when all those bad things for you get left lying around. I’ve been cleaning up the yard/house after a long winter. Getting it ready to enjoy the nice weather and the BBQ.

  2. Nice progress on getting stuff done, and on your goals! I’m in the midst of marathon training and it’s going well…..although I’m starting to get some pain in my right ankle, it’s not horrible….yet.

    • They just raised the price on everything in the machine by 25 cents, so my frugal side made the candy machine non-existent in my brain. That’s helped me fight the battle!

  3. My husband quit smoking in November, and in solidarity I gave up sweets. At this point, he’s fine if I break — and it’ll happen eventually — but for now I’m 6 months strong.

    It helps that I have protein bars that taste reasonably like chocolate but don’t have much sugar.

    I need to edge into exercising again. It’s something I’m just going to have to work up to. So maybe this month I’ll just focus on trying to stretch three or four times a week. I’m not sure exactly. But I need to get to burning more calories. I still haven’t lost any weight, grrrr.

  4. Well done moneybeagle. Here it’s summer so gym is really in nowadays and everyone is like hitting the gym. So, I just jog everyday and have training sessions at home. You are almost there at 15% body fat. Good luck!

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