What I Learned BY Missing The Mark On My Exercise Routine

After four months of meeting or exceeding my monthly exercise goals, I finally missed hitting my goals for the month of May.

I wanted to do 12 runs and 6 weight lifting sessions, and I fell short by two in each of the two areas.  My running pace was the same (within 1 second) and my average run distance was for all intents and purposes, the same, I just didn’t go as many times.

Am I disappointed?  Yes.  But I’m not crushed.

Here’s what I learned from my first month of missing out on my goals:

Unexpected Things Happen

I probably would have hit the goal on lifting weights if not for the fact that I got a giant blister on one of my hands early in the month, and I skipped those workouts while it healed.

Expected Things Make You Busy

We did our first camping trip of the year during May.  That also meant a bunch of prep work to get us going.  Getting the yard and everything else ready for the warm season generally happens in spring, and all told, there are many little expected things that keep me busy.

And Keep Me Tired

On both accounts above, I probably could have made up the times on the weekends, but all the hustle and bustle made it where I prioritized catching up on sleep as a goal.  I figure that if I wear myself out, all I’ll do is end up sick and won’t be able to go anyways…plus I’d be miserable.

I Didn’t Stop, I Just Slowed Down

My biggest thing about keeping a routine is to do just that: Keep it.  Last summer, around this time, when I started to find the same circumstances come into play (you’d think I would have remembered), I pretty much stopped going.  That would have been crushing.  The fact that I hit my overall number of planned workouts upward of 75% showed that it was a slower month, but still productive.  And most importantly, going to work out is still a habit!

I Still Had Accomplishments

Last month, I ran in my first 5K race.  I did two other outdoor runs, and was able to keep my pace pretty much on par with my indoor treadmill runs.  These were big steps for me.  I also was able to slightly boost my weights on a couple of the machines.  Again, while I missed my overall mark, I still took steps forward on a few fronts that keep me motivated mb-2015-05-trackand happy of my progress.

My Goals For June

I’m going to set the same exact goals for June that I set for the last two months, which I met in April but missed in May: 12 running workouts and 6 lifting workouts.  We don’t really have any big camping trips planned, so I should have my weekdays pretty well open, and hopefully will keep up on the routine of going 4-5 times a week total, which would put me right on spot.

Also, I’ve been pushing to increase my run lengths.  My last two runs have both been over five miles each, which is nice.  My wife is training to run a half marathon in the fall, and while I am not going to that level, I’m thinking about signing up for the 10K portion, which is just around 6.2 miles, and I’d like to do that in just under an hour, so I think I’m setting up for that nicely.

Readers, how have the seasons affected any of your goals, exercise, financial, or otherwise?

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8 thoughts on “What I Learned BY Missing The Mark On My Exercise Routine

  1. This not that unusual. Life always gets in the way of things! You need to think long range and realize that it does not really affect the overall goal.Just keep going!

  2. The key is to keep going, which is what you’re doing. I’m always trying to come up with short-term incentives for exercise, and a Fitbit or other device can help keep you motivated to keep moving daily.

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