Ashley Madison Hacked And Nothing To Worry About For Me!

Man, it seems that every time you turn around there’s another company that’s gotten hacked with some sort of data breach.  Target, Home Depot, and many others have all hit the news over the past months.  Those are some big names, so it should probably be of no big surprise that the biggest website for those looking to cheat on their spouses got hacked.

That’s right, Ashley Madison, home of the “Life is short, have an affair” slogan, announced that their databases were hacked.  The company hasn’t officially released information about what exactly was hacked, but I have to believe that there are probably a lot of nervous people out there right about now, and I’ll also bet that there’s a lot of people worried about a lot more than whether their credit card data was part of the breach!

Dangerous Information

In most hacks, there are a few key pieces of information that are probably the most valuable to hackers and the most damaging to someone whose information is compromised:

  • Credit Card Number
  • Other Credit Card Details (expiration dates, validation codes)
  • Social Security Numbers

With this hack, those items are certainly key, but it seems a lot of other information could land someone in the mb-2015-07-doghousedoghouse, even so much as:

  • First and Last Name
  • E-mail Address

Might Ordinary People Pay These Hackers?

In most cases of hacking, the information contains value.  Do we really know who might be on the other end of those transactions?  If a hacker steals data, you picture the parties that might buy that data as someone overseas, or a shady criminal or someone using their computer hiding in a dark basement in the thick of night.

With this hack, the people that might pay for the data could be sitting right next to you.

If someone were to suspect their spouse of having an affair, it might be worth putting $10 in the hands of ‘the bad guys’ to have the opportunity to look up a few e-mail addresses against the Ashley Madison database, don’t you think?

While some cheaters might first create a new e-mail address that their spouse doesn’t know about, many probably don’t go through the trouble.  If a suspecting spouse knows their work e-mail, their current personal e-mail, and their college e-mail address that’s no longer appropriate for everyday use, that’s three chances that would probably uncover a lot of potentially cheating spouses.

Worth $10 for three chances?  If I suspected my spouse of cheating, that’d be money well spent.

No Suspicions Or Anything To Hide

Thankfully, I have no suspicions of my wife.  Plus, I can state that any lookup of any of my addresses would come up clean.

Cheating is one of those things that’s a show stopper for me.  I’ve been cheated on, and when I found out, I broke up with the girl.  At the time, I thought she was my soulmate, and breaking up was the one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life, but I did it and looking back, I’m glad I kept my resolve.  The closest I ever came to cheating was kissing another girl while in a relationship.  That was twenty years ago. And I told my then-girlfriend almost immediately.

That’s the beginning and end of my ‘cheating’ experiences.

That’s why the whole premise of Ashley Madison always kind of disgusted me.  It didn’t surprise me that a site like that existed.  There’s something for everybody.  As long as its not illegal, you can best bet that someone will profit.  Since you can’t go to jail for cheating, someone seized the opportunity.  Presumably a lot of people made lots of money.

Now, if this hack threatens the personal information that could be damning for those who signed up or used the service, it could end up costing a lot of people a lot of money, sleep, and a lot more.

But, maybe that’s the risk one takes if you decide to go out looking to cheat on your spouse.  I’m just guessing on that, though!

Readers, what do you think of the Ashley Madison hack?  Did anyone you know pop into mind as someone who might be in some hot water?

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6 thoughts on “Ashley Madison Hacked And Nothing To Worry About For Me!

  1. I have to say, while I feel bad for customers impacted by the other hacks, I don’t feel quite as bad for those impacted by this one. Not say I lack any sympathy, but I don’t go along with the notion of cheating – which presumably is what many of these people were trying be doing.
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  2. Nobody popped into my mind, nor am I worried about the hack either. That being said, any kind of security hack makes me shake my head. What makes people think they have the right to steal things that don’t belong to them, or expose private information about someone else…..I’ll never understand how someone can fail to develop the sense of morals that tells them these actions are wrong.
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  3. When I heard about this hack, my first, unfiltered thought was a rather gleeful, “Some people are going to be stressed by this bad karma!” But I recognized it as an unkind thought and put the filters on. People, in their unhappiness, are tempted into all kinds of self-medication. I just wonder how many of the cheaters involved actually tried to talk things out with their spouses?
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  4. I’ve given up getting excited about these events. There’s not ONE THING any of us can do about it, and at this point, virtually every American is in the same victims’ boat.

    My beloved employer handed over, through its IT employees’ amazing incompetence, the names, addresses, birthdates, & Social Security numbers of all its employees and students. If you were an employee, the Russian hackers also got your bank routing number, your bank account number, your transcripts for every school you attended, and your entire employment history. If you were faculty, they got all of the above plus a Word doc listing every single college course you ever took during your entire life. If you were a student, they got most of the above plus your credit card number and whatever identifying information was associated with your college loans. If you had ever contracted with the college through your business, they got your business’s taxpayer ID plus most of the above.

    The District knew this had happened but chose to pretend they knew nothing until the FBI found our data for sale on the Internet.

    There’s no point in getting exercised about it. Freeze all your credit bureau accounts, minimize the number of credit cards you use, and never allow an employer to pay you by direct deposit. That’s about all you can do.
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