About Me

Thanks for reading Money Beagle.

I’m a personal finance blogger who got started in 2008 because I liked a lot of what I was reading, and thought I could make a contribution or two of my own to the blogging community.

I am a mid-30’s guy from Michigan, USA.  I have a wonderful family, consisting of my beautiful wife, my son (born in May 2009), my daughter (born in June 2011), and two kitties!

I work in the computer (IT) industry. My wife is a stay-at-home mom to our children, and previously had worked in child care, so I know that they are in the best possible hands!

My personal finance journey has been thankfully low-key, compared to many bloggers out there.  I never got immersed in credit card debt, never got caught up in a real estate scheme.  I gained and lost quite a bit of money in the tech bubble, and since then have been more conservative.  With my wife staying at home, and me not having gotten a raise since 2008, things have slowed down more than I like in terms of where I want to be for retirement savings, but all in all, I can’t really complain too much.

Our biggest goal is to become debt free, with the exception of our mortgage.  As of early 2010, we had paid off all our car loans.  In 2011 we paid off one of two student loans, and have re-applied that monthly payment to accelerate our mortgage payment.  I believe that getting out and staying out of debt is the foundation of personal finance success!

We save 10% towards retirement.  We also put money aside for expected expenses (being a homeowner, there are a lot of those).  We save for our son’s future college eduction.  We have an emergency fund in the event that something bad happens.

I had a teacher in college who always reminded us that “It’s a great day to be alive!” and I try to remind myself of that often and to remember that every day is a blessing.

Thanks for reading.

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