Often The Start Is Harder Than The Finish

Recently, I was talking to my wife about something I noticed while running.  I’ve recently ramped up my running after having taken a good portion of the summer off to rest my foot, which was having some soreness.  My wife is an outdoor runner where I prefer to run indoors on a treadmill.  So that someone is home with the kids, we rarely get the opportunity to run together, but we always compare stories and work to encourage each other.

mb-2015-10-trackMy wife and I both run in intervals, where you run for a while, then walk for a while.  I typically run for 3-4 minutes, then walk for 1 minute.  During my 1 minute of walking time, I typically do three things: Take a sip of water, measure my heart rate on the treadmill sensors, and wipe sweat off my face or neck.

I noticed that during my first, and sometimes even second walking interval, I would actually have a hard time taking sips of water, because I’d be very out of breath.  I found that as my run progressed, this actually became easier.

She said that the same thing happens to her.

And, I started thinking about why, and really, the answer is pretty simple:

The beginning has the greatest period of change.

When I thought this, it made sense.  After all, when you start a run, you’re going from a low heart rate to a high one, from moving around slowly to going quickly, from slow breathing to fast.

All that is a rather abrupt change, and your body is probably a little bit shocked.

But, after you get going, well, you’re going.  Your body gets used to it.  After running for awhile, your body automatically regulates your breathing.  This means that it should become easier to get those sips of water, which is exactly what happens!

This is pretty cool

Change In Real Life

It occurred to me that this type of situation doesn’t apply just to exercise, but really anything where there’s a big and sudden change.

Think about some of the other examples:

  • Starting a budget
  • Going ninja on your debt
  • Tackling a big cleanup project at home
  • A new diet

And I’m sure that there are many others!

Push Through When It’s Hardest

With all of the examples above, they’re all things that are big changes, and they’re also things that can easily be given up on.  And, let’s face it, they often are!

But they don’t have to be.

I think that many times, when we give up on things, especially right after we get all excited about starting them, is that we’re coming up against that big level of resistance that we feel right as we get started.  It’s easy to give up, and I think many do because they think that it’s always going to be that tough.

But, often it’s not!

Just as my body adjusts after I run awhile, what happens when you get used to the big change in your life is that you adapt. You integrate the change into your life.  You make adjustments.

And eventually, you realize that you can handle it!

If you realize that the initial push might push you back the hardest, you realize that once you get past it, you can keep on going and it won’t be so hard.

Readers, do you agree that often the hardest part of doing something comes at the beginning, when we’re having to try to adjust to the change?  What are some examples you’ve faced where this has come into play, and what is your advice to persist past that first (and often biggest) hurdle?

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A Personal Mini-Recession

I think the economy is fine, even though many Wall Street followers will try to lead you to believe otherwise.  But, unfortunately, we’re in a bit of a rut with our personal finances.

I just completed our net worth analysis, and for the fourth month in a row, our net worth has fallen.


Luckily, the amounts every month a pretty small, and even with four months of losses, the overall loss isn’t much.  It could be made back up with one good month, so here’s to hoping.

Still, I thought it would be worth looking at why:

  • We paid our Disney trip – Trips to Disney World aren’t cheap, and we definitely decided to splurge given that it was a trip we’ve been saving for awhile and aren’t likely to repeat for at least a few years.  The payment for that came due and even though it was earmarked, it still took a chunk out of things.
  • That darn stock market – Even though I think we’re fine, the market has been a bit spastic, so our mb-201102piggybankinvestment balances have declined a bit over the past few months with the market turbulence.
  • Summer spending – I don’t know about you, but it seems like the time when spending gets a little bit above normal seems to coincide with when the temps are higher, and we’ve definitely felt it this year.  We haven’t made any major purchases, but it’s been more the little things adding up.  My wife and I have talked and will be consciously reigning in our spending to get back to where we’re more comfortable.
  • Side income was down – When we camp, my wife’s side hustle gets shut down, and my side hustles have been in a bit of a lull.  Now, things have picked up for me and my wife’s shop will be open more, so this should help on the income side of things.

That’s really about it.

Am I concerned?  Not really.  While it would be nice to have our net worth go up month after month, the fact is that it doesn’t.  I actually track how often it does, and it’s around 70% of the time for us where it goes up, meaning that 30% of the time it doesn’t.  Over time, it will average out and that’s what I’m targeting.

Readers, have the warm months been kind to your finances or do you have some ground you’d like to make up?

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No Exam Life Insurance: Guaranteed Issues vs. Simplified Issue

Not all “no exam” life insurance policies are created equal. There are two primary differences when it comes to these policies: guaranteed issue and simplified issue. One aims to make the process more convenient while the offer is a last attempt at getting life insurance when you’ve been denied or may be denied elsewhere.

If you have had issues getting coverage with other carriers, you might be looking to these two types of policies to give you the important protection afforded by life insurance. Understanding how these work is important for you to get a good perspective on what to do next.

Comparing the Two

Caps are higher with simplified issue because it’s still geared towards healthy people. This means that the coverage obtained under guaranteed issue is guaranteed but limited. The bar for declines is higher with simplified issue since it is not meant for people with serious health issues. If you have medical concerns, it is a possibility that you could be declined for coverage with simplified issue. Simplified issue is intended to make the process easier but the challenge with this is that you must still qualify in general.

Bear in mind that being denied for one company does not mean you will be declined for all coverage. Do not jump the gun and apply for guaranteed issue because you’re concerned about not getting coverage at all. Do some shopping and speaking with a life insurance expert to learn about all your options. Some carriers have specific red flags that might cause you to be declined there, but this does not mean you are out of choices. Get the details from someone who knows as soon as possible so you’re not limited by your next steps.

When Is It Best to Go Traditional?

Even though both of these types of policies have their benefits, there are times when it just makes more sense to go the traditional route and get an exam. Knowing the carriers and which ones will be friendlier to the medical issues you have makes the application process much simpler. As is the case with no exam life insurance, various carriers view issues in different ways. Do not get hung up just because one company gives you a bad rate or a decline.

If you decide to go the traditional route, you might get better rates, the potential to look at more carriers overall, and more coverage options. With caps being such a big issue in simplified issue and guaranteed issue, traditional exam life insurance opens the potential for your beneficiaries to get more value from a life insurance policy. If this appeals to you, consider working with an independent life insurance agency that can recommend the best option for your individual situation.

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We Joined Amazon Prime

For the first time ever, our household has joined Amazon Prime as paying members!  We had previously been Prime members for a trial period during the heyday of the Amazon Mom program, and scored lots of great deals on diapers and such, but once our free period ran out, we returned as non-Prime members.

We have gone back and forth for awhile, and when Amazon had a one day $67 deal for new members last month (marked down from the regular price of $99) , in celebration of their Emmy award, we decided to go for it.

Here are a few things we’re looking forward to:

2-Day Shipping

The first and probably still most popular thing about Prime membership is the 2-day shipping.  We don’t have bad luck with the Free shipping, but it can back up at times, and always works out that when you want something most, it takes the longest to get there.  It’ll be nice knowing that most items will be there in two days.

Movies and TV

Amazon has a pretty good selection of movies and TV shows available for free streaming.  I think the only issue I’ve seen is that a lot of their content isn’t HD, but I can live with that.  We have a Roku that we rarely used, which has a built in Amazon Prime channel, and also have a couple of Chromecast devices that can stream to the TV.  We limit the amount of TV our kids watch, but when it’s really bad weather in the winter, we do tend to allow it a little more, so it’ll be nice to have a few more options.  I also know they have a lot of different options in case my wife and I want to check out a movie or TV show.

They have quite a library of songs available for free streaming as part of Prime membership.  I love listening to music at work and my wife very frequently has something going on her tablet as she does things around the house.


I love reading and try to get through at least 4-5 books a month rented for free from our local library.  I believe that you get a couple of free Kindle rentals per month as Prime members.  I don’t have  a Kindle, but this could entice me to get one or ask Santa for one!

File and Photo Storage

You get 5GB of free cloud storage space as a Prime member, plus unlimited photo storage.  When you upload photos, they’ll automatically expand your total limit so that photos never count toward your 5GB.  That’s pretty cool and is a great way to back up your precious memories!

I’m hoping that our Prime membership saves us money in the long run.  It’ll be nice to order things that we would have gone out and bought anyway, and gotten either a lower price or the same price, but saved on time and gas.  I know that many people find that they spend more with Prime, and obviously that’s what Amazon wants you to do, but I would think that if we limit our spending, it could work out well for Amazon and for us!

Readers, did any of you sign up for Prime with the recent special or have you been Prime members for a while?  What do you like or dislike about Prime?  Please share your experiences in the comment section below.


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