Speak Up To Get What You Want

Do you ever notice that some people seem to have no trouble getting what they want?  What is it about them?  Maybe they’re more confident.  Or smarter.  Or lucky.  Who knows?  While some of those things may be true, it might be simpler than that.  It could be that they spoke up.  Could it be that simple?  Would it work to speak up to get what you want?  It definitely can make a difference.

The Job I Didn’t Get

I got this lesson pretty early in my career.  In my first job out of college, I was on a technical help desk.  There were quite a few younger people.  It was a great place to get your foot in the door.

I did well.  Very well.  Not to toot my own horn, but I quickly became one of the model help desk agents. Other people sought me out for questions.  They’d ask technical questions or how to deal with customers.  It was a great feeling, especially for my first real job.

A few months in, an announcement came out that one of my colleagues had been made a team lead.  He was also in the group of people that were doing really well.  He definitely deserved it.  Still, I was a bit bummed.  After all, how did he get this advancement?

Well, it turns out, he spoke up!

After a few days of being a bit down, I went to the group manager.  I explained that while I was happy for my colleague, I was disappointed that I hadn’t been considered.

The manager looked at me and said that he didn’t know I was interested, because I’d never told him as much.

Right then and there, I told him that I was interested.  And you know what?  When the next team lead opportunity came up, guess who was given the opportunity?

That’s right, yours truly.

I learned the lesson that you have to ask for what you want.  You can’t just take for granted that someone knows what you want.

How else can this apply?  Let’s look at a few recent examples.

Missing Coupons

We do a lot of our grocery shopping at Meijer.  They have a rewards program where you clip coupons electronically,

image from Morguefile courtesy of WalterWhite

and then redeem them by entering your phone number at the register.  Every so often they give you personalized coupons, based on your shopping history.  These ‘just for you’ coupons are usually pretty good, since they’re based on items you frequently buy.

My wife got an e-mail with a few coupons, some of which of course were great for us.  But, when she logged in to her account, they weren’t there.  We waited a couple of days, but they never arrived.

Now, in cases like this, you can often forget about them, or just let it go.  That’s the easy thing to do.  But I wasn’t going to do that.  Nope, I decided to speak up.

I sent them an e-mail and explained the situation.  They wrote back and said that they were aware of a glitch in their most recent batch of e-mails, and said that in order to make it up, they’d added a flat $8 coupon to come off our next shopping trip.

This was awesome.  Looking at the coupons we got, we probably wouldn’t have used enough to get $8 in savings.  Plus, we can now save the money without having to buy the associated item.  We have more freedom and more money.  And, the only ones that got anything are the ones that decided to speak up.

That Time I Asked For A Raise

A few years ago, I’d had enough.  Our company made it through the recession without a lot of layoffs, but the tradeoff is that we went for quite a stretch without getting a raise.  I accepted this for awhile, but after a certain point, enough was enough.

I waited until I was in the middle of a key project, and then asked for a raise.  Without hesitation, they granted me the raise and gave me what I asked for.   Now, I know that a few others spoke up and also got a raise, but those who didn’t never got one.  At least not until the next wave of raises came out, but I got that too.

All because I wasn’t afraid to speak up.

Be Careful

You have to know when to draw the line.  You don’t want to speak up when the occasion isn’t appropriate.  For example, I knew that I could speak up about wanting the job because I was a solid performer.  I knew I could ask for the raise because I had gotten good reviews.  I also knew that the company was doing better and could afford the raise.  Faced with a situation when a job wasn’t going well, it’s best to stay quiet.

You have to take such things into consideration, or you’ll end up not getting what you want.  Plus, you could get the reputation of being outspoken, which might not be a good thing.  Still, if you learn to read the signs and the timing is right, speak up.  You’d be surprised at how often you’ll get what you want.

Readers, when have you spoken up and had something go your way?  Have you ever misread such a situation?

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Find The Right Factoring Plan For Your Trucking Company

As the owner of a trucking company, you understand how frustrating it can be to wait 30, 60, or even 90 days before you receive payment from your customers on their outstanding invoices. Without working capital on hand, carriers continually miss out on opportunities to grow and expand their businesses and some of them even fall behind on major expenses. It is no surprise, then, that so many carriers are choosing to factor their invoices to a third-party factoring company to keep strong cash flow and fund their businesses. The added flexibility and convenience afforded by invoice factoring explains why this is now such a mainstream financial tool among carriers of all sizes across the US.

The benefits of factoring include simpler application processes than you’d find at most lending institutions, competitive rates, and faster funding overall — all of which help to explain why so many truckers use invoice factoring services for their businesses.

Factoring Explained

Invoice factoring, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, is a type of accounts receivable financing that allows you to sell outstanding invoices due within 90 days to a third-party factoring company. The factoring company will then typically grant you an advance of roughly 80 to 90 or even as high as 97% of the value of the invoice. The factoring fee is usually small and differs depending on the plan you choose. One of the biggest advantages of freight bill factoring is the fact that you can often receive the money on the same day you submit invoices.

The speed of the turnaround allows many trucking businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the funding for immediate growth opportunities or to take care of financial crises as they arise. Additionally, high approval rates mean that carriers qualify even if they don’t have the best credit. This is because a freight bill factor looks at the credit worthiness of your customers, and not you as a carrier.


The features and benefits of freight factoring with a reputable company such as Accutrac Capital are designed specifically to meet the grueling demands of hard-working trucking companies. When looking for the right factoring partner, it pays to keep a few important things in mind. Of paramount importance is to look for a company that you would want to work with in the long term (as most carriers don’t use freight factoring as an emergency button — but rather employ this type of financing as a sustained, ongoing financial strategy). Accutrac Capital offers transparent plans that suit any carrier’s needs. Choose from any one of the following plans:

Flat Fee Factoring

  • A simple, easy to manage option with an easy to calculate one-time cost
  • From 1.59% for up to 90 Days

Factoring Line of Credit

  • Designed for larger fleets and carrier operations
  • From 0.022% per day
  • A flexible line of credit providing maximum value and control

Flex Factoring

  • Only 0.49% for up 10 days
  • The ideal funding option for carriers whose companies pay their invoices quickly

Freight factoring affords your trucking company increased flexibility. The same day funding you receive will offer cash flow solutions that turn your past-due invoices into much needed cash on hand. This means that your trucking company will appreciate the added liquidity and security that comes with factoring.

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12 Snow Day Activities For Kids

Kids love a snow day, right?  Every time it snows, the kids want to know if they will have school tomorrow.  On occasions they don’t, that’s great news!  For the kids, anyway.  For parents who now have to fill an unplanned day, it can be daunting. Thankfully, there are some easy and fun activities for any snow day!

Outdoor Snow Day Activities

image from Morguefile courtesy of zevik

If the kids are home with a snow day, that means that there’s snow on the ground.  Go outside and take advantage of it.

  • Build a snowman.  These can be fun and easy. Grab some extra hats and scarves and the kids will take it from there.
  • Shovel the driveway.  Kids may not get every bit of snow.  In fact, sometimes you’ll end up with more snow on the driveway than before they started!  That’s OK, though, because they’ll be having fun and keeping busy.
  • Carve out a snow fort.  If the snow is piled high enough, try hollowing out a fort.
  • Snowball fight!  Enough said.

Indoor Snow Day Activities

If it’s too cold, still snowing, or the kids have soaked their coats through, fear not.  There are plenty of things to do indoors on a snow day.

  • Bake cookies.  Kids love to help mix and scoop and watch their cookies rise in the oven.  And, of course, eating them!
  • Arts and crafts.  There are plenty of projects that kids could do.  They can make their own coloring book.  How about cards to send to family or friends?  They can make paper plate snowmen.
  • Movie and popcorn.  If you can’t get out of the house, bring the movies to you.  Pop some corn, close the drapes, and pop in a favorite movie.
  • Reading.  This can be a nice calm activity in the midst of the chaos!
  • Clean up project.  Have everybody work together to clean out a closet or something similar.  Kids may not initially like the idea of work, but once they get started, they will pile into the project.  And, then they’ll have some evidence of their accomplishment long after their snow day.
  • Video game tournament.  A little screen time is OK.  Make it fun and have a little tournament.  Just make sure everyone gets a chance to excel at something.
  • Scavenger hunt.  Kids like to look for things.  They also have great imaginations.  Send them off on a thrilling adventure around the world….all in your own house!
  • Build a fort.  Forts work great outdoors, but they also provide great fun indoors, too.  Couch cushions, pillows, blankets, and a few toys will get them engrossed in no time.

Readers, have you had to fill time with a snow day yet this year?  What fun things do your kids enjoy?

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Stay In Your Car After A Crash

My heart is breaking today.  All I can do now is two things.  First, pray, and second, give some advice.  If you get into a car accident, please, stay in your car.

Bad Work Start To 2018

Today was my first day back to work.  I was walking to my desk thinking of how I could make things great this year.

image from Morguefile courtesy of jlck8888

The whole conversation came to a halt when a co-worker asked if I’d read my e-mail.

I had not.

She filled me in that a colleague had been in a serious auto accident on Christmas Day, and has been in critical condition since.  He’s not regained conciousness.  He has brain injuries and internal injuries.  He had to have a leg amputated.  His heart stopped twice in the hours after the accident.

Things don’t look promising.  Everyone is praying for a recovery.  Even if one comes, things will be different forever.

Staying Put

The most troubling thing is that the severity of the accident could have been different.  The accident sounded unavoidable.  The car in front spun out and my colleague tried but couldn’t avoid hitting them.  During the accident, the rear door of the minivan opened and things spilled out.  My colleague got out to retrieve the items.  Unfortunately while doing so, another car spun out and he was struck, pinned between the cars.

It’s instinct to get out of the car after an accident.  But, unless you absolutely have to, you shouldn’t.  Stay in the car.  Call 911.  Make sure everybody is OK.

But, please, unless you have no choice, stay in the car.  Wait for the area to be cleared and made safe.

Don’t let an accident turn into a tragedy.  Unfortunately, I can’t go back and give this advice to my colleague who is now fighting for his life.

All we can do now is pray.

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