Using Used Toothbrushes For Cleaning: Yes Or No?

I had a debate with my wife about using used toothbrushes for cleaning.  She’s responsible for switching out our toothbrushes on a regular basis, and I asked that next time she switch them out, she give me the old ones so that I could use them for some of the deeper cleaning around the shower.

She said: “Eww, that’s gross.  No.”

She suggested we use the ‘free’ ones that we get from the dentist, as we typically don’t use these anyways.  I was fine with that, but the thought still lingered whether using the old ones was common practice or if I really was gross for suggesting it.

What do you think, readers? Yes or no on using old tootbrushes as cleaning tools once they’ve been retired from tooth cleaning duties?

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Was Derek Jeter’s Superfan #3,000 A Hero Or A Goat?

Recently, Derk Jeter hit his 3,000th hit in the major leagues, an accomplishment only seen by a couple dozen players in the history of the game.  I’m not a Yankees fan, but I applauded the accomplishment, as it is such a rarity that it shows the skill, determination, and many years of getting there which goes into the feat.

When a big accomplishment happens like a players 3,000th hit, the actual baseball that it takes place with is instantly a cherished piece of memorabilia.  If Jeter had hit his ball in play, a player would have fielded it and he would have gotten the ball back right then and there.

But Jeter made things interesting by making his 3,000th hit a home run.  As it happened, a lucky fan got to catch the ball.

That lucky fan, as you probably know, gave the ball back.  Instantly, people wondered if this guy had lost his mind.  Estimates showed that the ball could have fetched at least $250,000.  Turns out that the guy has student loan debt of over $100,000.  Meaning he could have used the money.

As it was, what did he get?  Well so far, nothing for the ball…and a $14,000 tax bill.  Huh?  The Yankees were so pleased with his being a good sport that they gave him premier seats for the rest of the year including playoffs.  Even though they’re ‘free’, the Yankees still have to report the value of what they gave him to the IRS, so he’ll be on the hook for income taxes.

Anybody still think giving the ball back was a good idea?

What would you have done?

In my case, I would have given the ball back to Jeter…at a price.  He makes a lot of money.  He actually got a contract over the past off-season that was way overvalued, where pretty much everybody agrees that he’s getting paid for what he used to do, not for what he does today (his skills are in obvious decline).  Jeter could have afforded to pay the guy at least the amount necessary to get out of debt, pay the tax bill on that, and maybe have a bit leftover to buy next years season tickets, and it would have been chicken scratch to him.

Personally, I think that Jeter should cut him a check anyways.

Before you call me greedy, consider this: The guy caught the ball at Yankee Stadium, home of the most expensive…anything…in major leagues.  The most expensive tickets.  The most expensive food.  The most expensive souvenirs.  They charge that because they can.  So if he were to, in turn, charge them because he could, how is there anything wrong with that?

Before you point out that he was just in the right place at the right time and made a lucky catch, I say, so what?  Luck befalls people every day that allows them to get some money in their pocket.  Winning the lottery.  Lucky.  Pulling the handle and having the slot machine give you a bunch of money.  Lucky.  Catching Derk Jeter’s 3,000th ball.  Lucky.

I applaud the guy as a baseball purist who wanted to make sure that the ball didn’t end up on eBay or something similar.  But, in my opinion, he blew it by not getting something back for it.

What do you think?  Would you have handed the ball back without wanting something in return or would you have gone for the jugular (just like the Yankees do with their ‘stadium experience’)?

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Remember When Yahoo Ruled The Universe?

Business Insider featured a great article pointing out how Yahoo is doing great these days…at getting their butts kicked.

This article rang so true for me.

For me, when the Internet became big, Yahoo was numero uno as far as it went.

I thought I’d go back and look at all the various services that I used with Yahoo and see if I still used them or what happened.

  1. Yahoo Mail – I signed up for a Yahoo mail account some time in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s.  I had recently switched jobs and prior to that, had been using my work e-mail for most communication.  It was too much of a big hassle to send out thet ‘My e-mail address is changing’ notification when I left, so I decided to move to an e-mail that I knew would stick with me.  Today: This is still a service that I still used and is my primary personal e-mail.
  2. My Yahoo Home Page – For years, internet browsers didn’t have these things called ‘tabs’.  So, in order to pull as much information as possible, I used the My Yahoo page to give me information at a glance.  I customized various news feeds that kept me up to date, it had stock quotes that I could customize, and a whole slew of other features that I used religiously, until one day…..I didn’t.  Today: I haven’t used this feature in years.
  3. Yahoo Search – I used Yahoo for internet searches always.  I’ll never forget the day I was sitting with a co-worker and he pulled up a search engine page that was so simple it was almost laughable.  “Google,” I said, “What’s that?”  It didn’t take long until I switched over.  Today: Google gets about 99% of my searches.  Bing gets the other 1%.  That leaves Yahoo with…nothing.
  4. Yahoo Personals – Hey, I haven’t had to use an internet dating service for many years now, but back in the early part of the 2000’s (way before I met wonderful Mrs. Beagle), I jumped on the internet dating bandwagon.  I used a couple of different services, but Yahoo was my main source of finding potential matchups.  I got an e-mail a couple of years ago that they were discontinuing this service, so even if I wasn’t happily married, Yahoo would be getting exactly none of this usage.
  5. Yahoo Photos – Yahoo also had a pretty cool place to centrally store photos.  I stored a lot of various pictures over the years after I got my first digital camera (a sweet 3 mega-pixel deal that I paid handsomely for).  Eventually, other services like My Space and then Facebook made this go dormant.  Again, I got an e-mail that Yahoo was discontinuing this service, so by default, they get no traffic from me or anybody else.

There had to have been other Yahoo services that I used.  I just don’t remember them.  I do know that I don’t use them anymore. And, what’s even more telling is that I haven’t replaced any of the services that I stopped using with any other Yahoo services.  In other words, Yahoo has done very little to grow and adapt to my needs, and I’m pretty sure there are millions of other people out there that would say the exact same thing.

Any recovering Yahoo users out there with fond (or not so fond) memories?

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Fun Find: What’s Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

A few weeks at a nearby shopping center, back on a bitter cold day (haven’t there been a lot more of those this year), we saw a group of girls (and a couple of adults) huddled in front of a table. They were, of course, selling Girl Scout cookies.

We hadn’t gotten any yet this year so we decided to purchase a couple of boxes.

I found this a very interesting news article that chronicles some of the highlights of Girl Scout Cookies over the years, and how they’ve grown to an integral part of our culture.

My favorites are Thin Mints.  What are your favorites?  Drop a comment and let us know.

Have a great weekend!

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