Early Thoughts On Christmas

Since all the stores are putting out their stuff early, I thought I’d do a little bit of an early Christmas themed blog post!

  • Christmas music – There’s a station that I remember as a kid would play Christmas music all day on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Looking forward to that music was awesome.  Over the last decade or so, they’ve started moving it earlier and earlier.  At first they started playing it a week or so early, then eventually got to playing it the entire time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Eventually they started playing it as early as November 1st.  Now, it’s funny because they haven’t switched yet but there are countless people (as judged by their Facebook wall) that are upset that they haven’t switched over yet!  So I guess there really is a market for the early coming of Christmas!
  • At least we won’t have to worry about that – I’m not going to write another blog post (aren’t there a million of them) about how important it is to save for Christmas all throughout the year, but I will point out that it’s really cool when you do that and realize that you’ve got a pretty much fully funded Christmas gift fund.
  • Hanging the lights – We do outdoor lights.  I haven’t fully made the switch to LED lights yet but we’re working on it.  I think we’re going to get one more year out of the current lights and look for bargains on LED lights for future years.  I’m actually thinking of hanging them this week (and leaving them dark) only because it’s in the 60’s this week and I am not a fan of doing it when it’s cold and windy, which is probably more and more likely as I wait.
  • The light fixer – There’s this tool that is supposed to ‘fix’ lines of Christmas lights that aren’t working, somehow testing current along the line, identifying the area where it’s not working, and somehow creating a jump in the line to bypass the ‘bad’ area.  I might need to look around for one of these.  We have a pre-lit tree that I noted had a line out last year.  I couldn’t find the problem and simply put it in the box.  At least I remembered and didn’t have it staring me in the face come time to decorate!
  • Our little thrill seeker– We have a very exploratory and very adventurous little toddler who will be 18 months old this month.  Something tells me our tree is going to be a magnet to him and that we’ll either have a gate in front or all the ornaments on the top half of the tree.  Still, he’s awesome and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Fun times ahead!

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