Don’t Forget To Check For Promo Codes!

We were recently ordering some stuff from Pottery Barn Kids for our daughter for Christmas.  They had some promotions that were built into the item pricing of the things we wanted to purchase (one item had free shipping, another had free personalization).

My wife showed me the items she wanted to order to make sure I approved of the details, and had already entered in her payment information.  I said that the stuff looked good, but then yelled “WAIT!” and dived across the living room couch, as she went to hit ‘Submit’ for the payment.

After picking myself off the floor and taking in the ‘are you nuts’ look that I was getting, I said:

“We have to check if there’s any promo codes!”

I checked some of my favorite sites (Retail Me Not is my go-to site) and as it turns out, there weren’t any additional coupons off.  But, I still check every single time.

You never know what promotion someone else has discovered that might save you a few bucks.  Even if you find a coupon only one out of every ten times, that still means you’re saving money just by a few clicks.  Now that it’s the holiday season, you want to make sure that you’re checking as I’m sure there are more orders, more competition, and more codes available!

Regardless if it’s Amazon (who almost never has any coupon codes), Pottery Barn, or any other site, I always make sure to look if there’s any coupon/promotional codes available.

Do you? 

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