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Well, yesterday was my 31st birthday and I made a new friend. I went to the eye doctor because a large “floater” appeared in my right eye a few days ago. Turns out it's a posterior vitreous detachment, or in laymen's terms, a piece of tissue peeled away from my retina and is hanging out in my field of view. Because I'm so nearsighted, I'm at a higher risk of this, as well as retina detachment. Though my eye doctor saw nothing for immediate concern, he is referring me to a retina specialist for a second opinion.

So my new friend is with me every waking minute of the day. He looks like a little snake floating around. I'm sure I'll get used to him eventually and maybe I'll stop noticing him. But for now, he's there like a shadow, reminding me of his presence every time I move my eyes.

The “old” me would have used this as an excuse to stay in bed all day and pout, but the new me tries to be positive. I could have had a detached retina and be in surgery. Instead I have an annoyance, at best. 



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