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I hope everyone had a good 4th of July or Canada Day, or simply a great week if you hail from another country.

I only had Wednesday off, so I had to drag myself off a couch at 6 am yesterday to drive an hour to get home so I could go into work. It was pretty quiet as most of my coworkers took the day off. 

My best friend from Portland was in town and it was nice to see him and his kids. As we sat on his dad's porch, the same place we use to sit when we were younger, we reflected on how it was still a strange and new experience to be parents, even though I've been one for 7 years and he for 5. 

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to meet Jeff and Michelle from See Debt Run, and Jason from Work Save Live (and his soon-to-be-collaborator, wife, Holly 🙂 ) in St. Louis. We talked for almost three hours, sharing ideas, successes and failures. All of us have been doing this blogging thing about six months, which is usually the point where most people burn out and throw in the towel. It was great to meet them, and we definitely have a lot more to talk about, and will have another meetup soon.

I was really humbled and excited to see that Lauren from L Bee and the Money Tree wrote an entire post about how my free debt and budget spreadsheet helped her cut her spending by 38% and get things on track. Just when I start to feel a bit of blogger burnout, something like this happens, or someone emails me and thanks me for helping them, and I am inspired to forge ahead.



  • John an My Family Finances shares a story of his younger sister's struggle with debt, and the pressure that being in friends' weddings places on that. Weddings seem to get more elaborate and there seem to be more pre-events each year (showers, pre-showers, engagement parties, bachelor(ette) parties). Talk about redistribution of wealth.
  • Andrea at Nickel by Nickel talks about that time when we finally get serious about a fully funded emergency fund. That is my next step after paying off debt, and this is a good overview of the questions you should ask yourself when you start to take this step.
  • Eddie at Finance Fox wrote a controversial piece on dating services that match high income men with trophy wives. While some were appalled, I do not have room in my worry about what consenting strangers do, as long as they aren't hurting anyone. 
  • Average Joe and OG at the Free Financial Advisor revamped their podcast. Check out 2 Guys and Your Money, either on iTunes or at their site. I promise you will laugh out loud, and your family or coworkers will look at you funny because of it.
  • Erika at From Shopping to Saving talks about how we enable others to overspend. This is more a discussion about when people ask us to hold them accountable for things they really aren't serious about. I usually smile, nod, and let the person do what they really want to do. 


Carnival Update and Mentions: