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I want to thank all my readers for a great 2012 so far. Readership is growing and I reached a major milestone on Valentine's Day: this site dropped below 200,000 on the Alexa ranking system. If you are not sure what that means, Alexa is a company that tracks the popularity of around 30 million websites around the world. Breaking the top 300,000 means you are in the top 1% of sites.

I am really humbled that of all the places to go online, you choose to come here – THANK YOU!

If you are a regular reader and would like to subscribe, just enter your email address in the box in the upper right corner of this page. I won't bother you with emails very often, and I have some exciting giveaways coming up that subscribers will get a heads up on before others. If you subscribe by RSS reader and enjoy a post, make sure you click through to my site and leave a comment. I appreciate your support.

Married (with Debt) was included in carnivals by the following fine sites; thanks so much for hosting!

This week's Best Of post is dedicated to some of the new personal finance and lifestyle sites that have popped onto my radar recently.

  • Karl at Cult of Money has an excellent analysis of the societal harm that public financing of sports stadiums can cause.
  • The Daily Thinker has a great post about making sacrifices to get out of debt. This is important not only for personal finance, but for being an adult, period.
  • Jeremy at Modest Money has a review of the financial movie Margin Call starring Kevin Spacey. It looks interesting, and I'd definitely like to see a movie about the risky Wall Street behaviors that helped get us where we are today.
  • Baxter at Change a Thing has a well written story about almost dying in a motorcycle crash, and how these events become turning points for change.
  • Thad over at ThadThoughts has a personal story about taking responsibility, and how doing so can help us move forward more easily.
  • Daisy at Add Vodka has a post about what's on a lot of minds of people who write online – whether to do so anonymously.
  • Christopher at This, That and the MBA has a post about serving on the board of directors of a nonprofit, and how doing this can be a way to serve if you can't afford to donate.


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