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Everyone is talking about how hot it is in the Midwest, but as my father would say, “What are you going to do when it gets hot?” He would say that even when it was 105 degrees out.

Tomorrow I'll be going to St. Louis to meet up with some fellow personal finance bloggers: Jason at WorkSaveLive, Jefferson and Michelle at See Debt Run, and Andy at TightFistedMiser. Looking forward to meeting these folks, who I already consider friends (that's how things work in the Information Age, you can make friends with people you've never met, sorta like the pen pal craze from decades ago).

After the meetup I will have another bachelor party to attend. This one should be cheaper than the last one because I'm crashing at a friend's house and the plans are pretty low key (brewery tour, dinner, drinks, one night only). Like the last bachelor party, I am also dealing with more car repairs. Just spent $230 to replace a control arm bushing and I have a faulty O2 sensor that will cost $150 to replace. I've also paid for our plane tickets, making this one of the most expensive months of my life.

This is the 26th edition of Best Personal Finance Writing, which means the year is officially half over. It also means I have been serious with this site for exactly 6 months now.




  • Squirrelers has an amusing post on Grammar and Wealth, and the dumb things people say like “mute point.” If you say things like “labtop” or “for all intensive purposes,” I will likely judge you silently.
  • Eric at NarrowBridge Finance lives near the Colorado wildfires, and has a post on how you can secure your financial documents and family treasures in case your house burns down.
  • J Money at Budgets are Sexy had a recent post on problems with his wedding ring. This is a good opportunity to see how you are treated as a customer when you have a well-read blog. I showed J the new wedding ring I recently got, made from a silver Swiss coin, and it looks like he is going to try to make one himself.
  • Peter at Bible Money Matters shares a story of the troubles with non-refundable tickets, and the fees you pay when you have to change flight dates.  I'm playing risky with this for my vacation because I already bought the bad kind of tickets, but hopefully you can save yourself some headaches by planning ahead.
  • Andy at TightFistedMiser has been customizing a conversion van to live in and road-trip the 48 contiguous states. I'm really interested in mobile living and enjoy his progress updates. Hopefully I get to see it tomorrow.


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