Our car insurance is up for renewal again in a couple of months, and I am waiting for bad news.  During the last renewal period, I got a deal that just seems too good to last.

My Current Deal

When our car insurance was up for renewal a few months ago, I got annoyed that they kept raising our rates by a few bucks a month even though we have an excellent record.  So I called to get the premium lowered from $118 a month to $110 again – yeah, I wasn't aiming big.  After talking to a few different people that couldn't do anything for me without raising our deductible, I was transferred to the retention department.

The lady I spoke to had heard about a new program in Texas, so she put me on hold to track down some info about it.  After 20 minutes, we ended up with the exact same policy that we had before for only $55 a month!

Waiting for Bad News

I was ecstatic, but when I told a few others about my new policy and premiums, they were not able to find the same deal.  In fact, I haven’t heard about anybody that has had a similar experience.  So now I am worried.  In a few months, will they discover a big mistake on their end and double my rates again?  We’ll see.

In the meantime, we’re doing our part to keep everything the same.  No accidents.  No claims.  My husband did get a ticket in a different city, but he took defensive driving to keep it off of his record.  Overall, we should see the same premiums again plus the few dollars that they just seem to add automatically.

Have you ever received a deal that just seemed too good to be true?  Did you worry about it at any point?