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by: Sean Michaels

Update: 06/2020

Tips When Making a TransUnion Credit Dispute

Everyone knows that their credit score is incredibly important. However, most people don’t realize the power they have to control their credit score. Sure, you can be smart with your money. You can avoid maxing out your credit cards and pay your bills on time. But that doesn’t always mean you’re safe from negative credit information.

False entries appear on credit reports all the time. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a wrong address or employer. Other times it’s something much more serious.

There are many ways you can get negative information on your credit report. That’s true even if you don’t do anything to cause a negative entry. That’s because simple data-entry errors and identity theft happen.

When negative information shows up on your credit report, and it shouldn’t be there, you have options. TransUnion is one of the “big three” credit reporting bureaus. This article will explain how you can check your TransUnion credit report. We’ll also go over how you can dispute false and harmful information on your report. Finally, we’ll give you all the contact information you need to protect your credit.

Credit scores are increasingly important. They’re used for everything from loan and credit applications to housing and employment decisions. That means you want the best credit score possible. If your TransUnion score isn’t where it should be, use this guide to dispute information on your report. The process is free to do. It just takes some of your time.

How Do I Check My TransUnion Credit Report?

The first step in disputing something on your TransUnion credit report is to know that it’s there. That’s why it’s so important to check your credit report regularly. You’re entitled to get a free copy of your credit report from each of the big three credit reporting agencies once per year. In some states you’re able to get one more often than that.

You can also use credit monitoring services to stay up to date on your TransUnion report. These services monitor your reports. They let you know if there’s any kind of change. You can check and see if the change is accurate or not.

TransUnion Credit Dispute

Checking your TransUnion report is something you should take seriously. Put a note on your calendar to get your free report. Or sign up for one of the many credit monitoring services.

However, checking your report is only half the battle. After all, credit monitoring is just that. It only tells you when there’s a change. You still have to take action if the change is wrong. That’s when you need to understand TransUnion dispute process.

Understanding TransUnion Dispute

A credit dispute is a way of challenging something on your credit report. Federal law gives you the right to dispute any information on your report. Moreover, the law also says that anything that isn’t 100% verified to be true can’t be included on your report.

That’s great news for consumers. It means that credit disputes are a powerful tool to protect your credit score. That ensures you’ll get the best rates possible on loans and lines of credit. It can also help you stand out from the pack in the job search.

A dispute is a challenge to information on your report. Once you file a dispute, TransUnion has 30 days to either verify the information, correct it, or delete it. Notice that there’s a hard deadline for action. This is important. It’s mandated by federal law. That means if TransUnion doesn’t respond to your dispute within 30 days of receiving it you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

What Happens When You Dispute TransUnion Credit Report?

When you file your dispute, TransUnion starts an investigation. They go through steps to check the accuracy of the information. It’s important to note that you can’t ask for a review of your whole credit report at once. You need to dispute individual items on the report one at a time.

TransUnion will check with your creditor or lender. They’ll see what kind of documentation backs up the information on the report. Once they get that information, they’ll either verify the entry on your report, correct it, or delete it.

Transunion Credit Dispute

It’s best to have evidence to help your dispute. For example, court papers can prove you were a victim of identity theft. Those papers can play a huge role in proving that you didn’t open some of the accounts on your report. It also means that you’re not responsible for late or missed payments on those accounts.

Sometimes TransUnion will say that the information on the report is verified. If that happens, then you can ask for a verification of method. That means that the company must send you all of the documentation they have which proves the information is accurate. This opens the ground for appeals and other challenges. That means you have ways to make sure your credit report stays in perfect condition.

Dispute TransUnion Checklist

If you’re going to dispute something on your TransUnion report, then you’ll want to make sure you have the best possible chance of winning your dispute. There are a few things you can do to boost your odds of success. We’ve put together a list of ways to make sure your TransUnion dispute comes out in your favor.

Include Any Relevant Documents

The first thing on our checklist is to gather all the documents you have that relate to your challenge. This includes court papers, but can also include things like monthly statements, transaction records, receipts, and more. Be sure to attach all of the documentation to your challenge if you’re sending it by mail or online.

Be Patient

TransUnion has 30 days to respond to your dispute. Don’t be surprised if they take all 30 days. After all, the company is interested in the accuracy of the information. That means they’re going to be very thorough when it comes to investigating your claim.

This is also a reason why you should actively monitor your credit reports. It takes time to dispute something. If you wait until you’re about to apply for a loan or line of credit, the dispute might not go through in time.

Use Mail or Online

We recommend using mail or online tools to file disputes. Using the phone is alright for minor things like an incorrect address. But you want to be able to document every part of your dispute process. That way you can show exactly what you did and when you did it.

This is important because you might have issues with your dispute. After all, credit and credit reporting are complicated industries. Documenting all of your steps shows that you’ve done everything you’re required to do by law. It also puts the burden on TransUnion to show that they complied in a legal fashion as well.

Options for Disputes

There are several options for consumers when it comes to filing a dispute. One of the best things about credit disputes is that they’re free to do. You don’t need any specialized skills or information to do them. Instead, you just need to be able to write a letter. You can even explain your problem over the phone.

However, there are many different companies that offer help with credit repair. Sometimes it’s worth it to hire one of these companies. Make sure that you check up on the company first to ensure you’re getting a good deal. Try to use a company that charges per item removed, instead of one that charges a flat fee.

How to Dispute TransUnion Credit Reports

You can’t dispute your TransUnion report without knowing how to reach them. That’s why we’ve put together this list of contact information for TransUnion.

Dispute TransUnion Online

Many websites and credit repair experts recommend disputing your report online. The reason for this is simple. You usually get a faster response to online disputes. That’s because the credit reporting agency can automate some parts of the process.

However, if you dispute TransUnion online, then you’ll still want to follow the advice we gave in the previous section. Take screenshots to show what information you’ve entered. Make sure you take screenshots of any attachments as well. Be sure to note the date and time of your dispute filing.

One of the drawbacks of disputing online is that it’s harder for consumers to document their actions. Another problem is that all of the information resides with TransUnion. That means if there’s a problem, you’ll have to rely on their records. That can complicate things.

You can dispute TransUnion online by using the dispute submission process on their website. You can also click this link to go directly there.

Dispute TransUnion Phone

Phone disputes are popular with people who want fast results. However, in this case, it’s more important to get things right than to get them done quickly. That’s why we recommend avoiding phone disputes for major issues.

One of the biggest problems with phone disputes is that you can’t share documents over the phone. You also can’t record what you’ve done or the information that you receive from the customer service agent. That means you’ll have a harder time proving your case later if there’s a problem.

You can call TransUnion Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 11 PM EST. The number is 800-916-8800.

Dispute TransUnion Address

Snail Mail is one of the best ways to dispute credit report information. You should be sure to use certified mail for this process. You should also be sure to request a return receipt. That way you have a paper trail. The paper trail shows exactly what steps you took and when you took them. It also shows when TransUnion received your request.

Paper mail disputes may take a bit longer to resolve. After all, there’s more things to do with this kind of dispute. It’s not as easy to automate as a phone call or online dispute is. Whenever you’re filing a dispute you should include your TransUnion file number, social security number, date of birth, current address, company name of the disputed item, account number of the disputed item, the reason for your dispute, and any correction to your personal information.

Including all of that information ensures that the company will have everything it needs to process your dispute in a timely manner.

Follow Up: Check Status of TransUnion Dispute

Once you’ve filed your dispute, you’re not done. You still need to monitor your credit report. This will tell you if TransUnion has taken any action regarding your dispute. You can also check the status of your dispute on their website.

There are three possible ways that they can respond to your dispute. They can either verify the information on your report, correct it, or delete it. You’ll want to keep an eye on their response to make sure you get the results you want.

If you don’t get the action you’re looking for, then you’ll have to do more work. The first step is filing a verification method request. This forces TransUnion to send you all of the documentation they have about your dispute. You can see how they decided your case. You can also find new grounds to challenge their findings.

It’s important to follow up and watch the status of your dispute. All too often consumers think that, because they’re right, that the company will agree with them. That leaves them for a rude awakening when they check their credit report again and find the same information is still there.

Another potential problem is TransUnion agreeing with your dispute, but then failing to remove the information from your report. Remember, TransUnion is a large company. Sometimes paperwork mistakes happen. Staying on top of your credit report means you can ensure that the action is actually taken to protect your good name and credit score.


Make sure that your good reputation and credit stay intact. Use the information in this guide to challenge harmful and false information on your TransUnion report. The process is simple. The results are astounding. And the subject incredibly important. Don’t miss out on a loan, job, or home because of false information on your report. Take charge of your TransUnion credit report history now!


Below are the most common questions about TransUnion including how they work, how to get in touch with them, and the likes. This FAQ should help make it easy for you to understand how they process your disputes. Your most common questions were grouped into four sections:

  • Contacting TransUnion for Disputes
  • Disputing Items on Your Credit Report
  • Understand the Process and Dealing with Technical Difficulties
  • FAQ about TransUnion

Contacting TransUnion for Disputes

TransUnion has opened many avenues for its customers to file disputes. This section should allow you to review and explore all these options.

How do I file a dispute with TransUnion?
Filing a dispute with TransUnion does not require any special forms or documents. You only need a letter, your credit report, and any proof to support your case.
How to dispute TransUnion credit report by mail?
Aside from sending a letter, it is also advisable that you attach supporting documents in relation to what you’re disputing as well as a copy of your credit report with the disputed items highlighted.
What is TransUnion address for disputes?
TrasnUnion, LLC Consumer Dispute Center, PO Box 2000, Chester, PA 19022
How to dispute TransUnion credit report online?
Download a copy of your credit report, then go to their website ( From there, the process is exactly the same as by mail.
How do I get my TransUnion file number to dispute?
You can log into, and it should appear at the top right corner of your credit report.
How to submit a dispute with TransUnion?
With TransUnion, you can submit your dispute either through their website, mail, fax or by phone. For all cases, you need to provide complete information so as improve your odds of getting approved.
What to know when disputing to TransUnion?
You need only know the content of your latest credit report, the address where you’ll send the letter, and how you’ll know the status of your dispute. Depending on your circumstance, you may need to know other things to increase your chances of winning your dispute.
Where to send credit dispute letters TransUnion?
If you choose to send by mail, you send it to their address. If you do it online, you’d upload it with your request to dispute.
How to file a dispute with TransUnion by phone?
To file a dispute by phone, you can call TransUnion at 800-916-8800 where your dispute will be received by their customer service representatives. This service is available during weekdays (excluding major holidays) from 8 am to 11 pm.
How to contact TransUnion to dispute?
You don’t need to notify them beforehand that you’re planning to dispute something. Just send them a dispute letter by mail or online.
Can I fax documents to TransUnion for dispute?
Yes. Fax these documents at (610)546-4771, but note that it is for a dispute at the top by writing “Attention: CCD).
What is the department for TransUnion disputes?
The Consumer Dispute Center of TransUnion receives and takes care of your dispute every step of the way. They generate updates and ultimately decides whether to grant your request or not.
How to write a dispute letter to TransUnion?
Brevity and clarity are your friends. State which entries on your report you're disputing, why you're disputing them, and a request to have the item altered/removed.
What to include in a TransUnion dispute via mail?
Aside from your credit report and the letter itself, it is important that you have supporting evidence. It is, after all, about correcting your report. You shouldn’t expect them to just take your word for it.

Disputing Items on Your Credit Report

There are many ways that you can handle negative or inaccurate items on your credit report. Knowing what to do with each of them will help you boost your credit score as a result.

How to dispute something on your credit report TransUnion?
First, you would need to make a letter addressed to them informing them of the items on your credit report that you want to dispute and your reasons. Then, you send it to them either by mail or online.
How to remove a dispute from TransUnion?
By yourself, you cannot remove a dispute not control how it appears on your credit report. What you can do instead is cancel it.
How to cancel a dispute with TransUnion?
Fortunately for you, TransUnion has the easiest way of letting you cancel your dispute. You only need to call them, and it’s done.
How to dispute a collection on TransUnion?
Before you try to do so, you must remember that you can only have a collection removed if the information is incorrect. If that’s the case, treat it as you would any dispute.
How to dispute credit inquiries on TransUnion?
Whether or not you need to take action at all depends on the type of inquiry. For soft inquiries, you don’t have to dispute them as they don’t affect your credit score at all.
How to dispute hard inquiries on TransUnion?
For hard inquiries, you must submit proof along with your letter that you did not consent to that. Aside from credit score concerns, you should always check your credit report for such as it can be an indication of a data breach.
How to dispute TransUnion credit score?

Whether with TransUnion or with any credit bureau, you can’t dispute your credit score. What you can dispute are entries on your credit report. You can do this yourself or use a credit repair service.

How to dispute a debt on TransUnion?
Provide evidence that the debt is either not yours or not accurate. Else, you can’t dispute that debt.
How to dispute a credit report error TransUnion?
Like with any other dispute, you’d need a letter. However, instead of explaining yourself in lengths why you want to have it changed or removed, simply say that it’s an error. Just make sure to provide proof to back your claim.
How to dispute a charge on TransUnion credit report?
If you did not make the purchase, call your creditor first to ask when and where the purchase was made. Then, in your letter, prove that you didn’t make the purchase. For example, if the item in question was bought at a certain location, debunk it by showing proof that you were somewhere else.
Does work to relieve debt?
If your dispute concerns removing debt that isn’t yours, then perhaps. However, contacting the creditor to clear things up and asking them to call TransUnion to correct the error would be more effective.
How to dispute an inaccurate credit report with TransUnion?
Any inaccuracies can easily be remedied with evidence and reason. Just be sure to clearly state every inaccurate entry in your credit report.
Can you dispute medical bills on TransUnion website?
Yes. Just like any other information that you want to be removed or changed on your credit report, medical bills can be disputed as well. Make sure to provide evidence to support your claim such as receipts to merit item removal.
Is it bad to dispute paid debt through TransUnion?
It depends on the kind of debt. A paid collection, for example, is very damaging to your credit report. However, if you mean disputing an old account with a good payment history, it is indeed a bad idea.
How to dispute on TransUnion with no contract?
You can’t because there’s no such thing as no contract. Even if your original creditor sold your debt to a collections agency, you are still in debt and they still have the right to collect. Unless the collections agency agrees to have the item removed on your report, it will remain so.
Is it worth to dispute resident collect with TransUnion?
Yes, but only if the entry is outdated. For example, a debt collections agency sold your debt and the record that appears on your report still reflects your debt obligation to the old agency. Only then would it be your dispute request be valid.

Understanding the Process and Dealing with Technical Difficulties

It is not unheard of for their clients to face some difficulties when transacting with them. In this section, we clarify what you need to do when you encounter such and help you understand the process of how TransUnion handles your disputes.

Why can’t I see my TransUnion dispute?
Most of the time, it is just technical difficulty. Try viewing it again after a few hours or so. Should the problem persist, this concern is best directed at their technical department.
Why is disputing through TransUnion so difficult?
The process for all three credit bureaus is the same. However, if you are not satisfied with the result of your dispute, you can appeal the decision with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
Why can't I submit a new dispute TransUnion?
There is no limit to how many disputes you can send. So, if you are having problems with their website, you can try sending them mail.
How to get status of TransUnion dispute?
You can check the status by phone or online. By phone, you will need to provide your file number along with other details. For disputes filed online, just click on Check Dispute Status within the online dispute section.
What happens when disputing with TransUnion?
Once you file a dispute with TransUnion, their Consumer Dispute Center will assess it by its merits (your reasons and the evidence you presented). From there, they will decide whether or not to grant your request.
How do I check my TransUnion dispute results online?
All pending and past disputes that have been filed online can be viewed at the Check Dispute Status on TransUnion’s website.
How to view disputes in TransUnion?
For online disputes, you need only to check their website. However, if you filed through other methods, you need to call them or check an updated version of your credit report and view items marked with XB.
How long does TransUnion have to respond to a dispute?
After they have received your request, they get back to you with their decision in 30 days or less.
How many disputes can you do weekly on TransUnion?
There is no maximum number of disputes that you can send them weekly. However, for your convenience, it is advised that you send dispute multiple items on your credit report in just one filing.
How long do I have to wait to open a new TransUnion dispute?
You shouldn’t have to wait at all. Each dispute letter is processed independently, so there’s no need to wait for the results of an older dispute before sending a new one.
What happens when disputing multiple items through TransUnion?
The merit of your case for each of the items will be assessed. Therefore, it is possible that your dispute would be successful for some items but not for others.

FAQ about TransUnion

Beyond the process and the need-to-knows when filing a dispute with TransUnion, you may still have questions, most of which pertaining to the reliability of the credit bureau. And here, we address them all.

Does work?
Yes, it does. They have a dedicated department investigating every dispute letter sent to them.
How long does TransUnion dispute take?
By law, all credit bureaus including TransUnion are required to respond within 30 days upon the receipt of your dispute.
Is legit?
Yes. It is used by TransUnion to expedite the process of dispute and is just as valid as sending your dispute by mail.
What is a dispute with TransUnion?
A dispute is your challenging any inaccurate or false information on your credit report generated by TransUnion as well as requesting to have such information removed or changed.
Can Experian dismiss if a dispute with TransUnion was approved?
No. A credit bureau cannot intervene with the investigation or with the response of another credit bureau. Thus, if you disputed with TransUnion, only what they say would be valid.
How trustworthy is to file a dispute with TransUnion website?
Just as trustworthy as filing it by mail. Like all reliable websites nowadays, their website has an SSL certificate which encrypts any and all of your personal information.

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