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Sell Your Used CellphoneAt some point in your life, you’re going to have to end up replacing your old cell phone. There are always new models of phones coming out every year due to advancements in cellphone technology. Upgrading your phone for something more technologically advanced is just a part of cellphone ownership. However, most people often leave their old cell phones piled up in desk drawers or sitting on shelves for years.

What many people don’t realize is that you can sell your phone for cash online. There are plenty of companies online that will accept any kind of phone that you can sell, regardless if it still works or if it is broken. In this post, you will discover 10 of the best places to sell used phones for cold hard cash so you can actually do something useful with your old phone instead of allowing it to collect dust. There are plenty of selling apps to help you with this. 

Where Can I Sell My Phone?

There are plenty of places online where you can sell cell phones. Some of the places you can sell your phone include:


BuyBack World

Why BuyBack World?

  • Ten years of success in the industry
  • Purchase a range of phones and electronics
  • Quick processing times
  • Payment available through PayPal and traditional check

Try BuyBack World

1. BuyBack World

BuyBack World is an online platform where members can buy or sell used devices such as cell phones, iPads or even gift cards. It has been in business since 2009 and has a long history of being reputable. Once you have listed your cell phone for sale and has received an offer, the company will send you a free shipping kit and label to send the phone in for inspection.

Upon being accepted, you can receive payment for your used phone via electronic check or a PayPal cash deposit within 2 to 3 business days after acceptance of the phone. The payout range for used phone varies on the make of the phone, how old it is and its overall condition.

Check out BuyBack World here.



Why Gazelle?

  • Over ten successful years in the industry
  • Easy-to-follow online process
  • Willing to make offers on a range of different brands
  • Kiosks that immediately examine your phone and provide price offer

Try Gazelle

2. Gazelle

There is no other place online that is popular as Gazelle. With commercials for purchasing used phones broadcasted around the country, everybody at some point has heard of this company. Gazelle has been in business since 2008 and buys a variety of products ranging from used phones to used laptops.

According to the FAQ’s page, in order to sell your used phone to Gazelle, you must receive an offer for your phone. To do this just follow the on-site instructions on the Sell option located on the main page. Or you can visit one of their on-site kiosks located in local retail stores to earn immediate cash. If done online, once you describe the phone and its condition, you can mail it to Gazelle. Upon confirmation of the condition of the phone by Gazelle, you are paid very quickly in the form of an Amazon gift card, PayPal cash deposit or check.

The payout for used phones sold through Gazelle will vary based on the age of the phone and its conditions. Newer phones can earn between $150 to $200 depending on its condition while much older phones can earn anywhere between $20 to $40 in cash or store credit. Make sure to read our in-depth Gazelle phones review too. 

Check out Gazelle here.

Sell Your Used Cell Phone

3. Facebook

While many people don’t often think of turning to social media in order to sell their old phone, it is probably the best place to get the best deal for your used phone. There are many options when it comes to promoting your phone for sale whether that is posting an ad directly onto your Facebook wall, or using the under-utilized Facebook marketplace to reach potential customers in your area. If you choose to use the Facebook marketplace, be sure to use important keywords to target a larger audience.

This is a great option if you want to receive cash immediately for your phone. However, if you do not feel comfortable with meeting people in person at your home, you can opt to ship your cell phone to the buyer and receive funds via PayPal. Of course, this should be done at your own discretion so be sure to follow through with extreme caution.

Check out the Facebook Marketplace here.



Why Amazon?

  • Submission process automated via Amazon website
  • Full instructions provided for delivering cell phone
  • Quick inspection and remuneration process
  • Redeemable for credit on Amazon's website

Try Amazon

4. Amazon

There is a feature on Amazon that allow customers to trade-in their old cell phones in exchange for an Amazon gift card, eligible video games, books or Kindle e-readers. In the Trade-in store, interested parties can add items that they want to trade-in, in this case, a used cell phone. Upon selecting the condition of the phone and address to which you will be shipping your phone from, you follow the on-screen instructions and send in your phone. You must ship your phone within 7 days of submitting the trade-in request. Once in Amazon’s hands, it will go through a thorough inspection and will be either accepted or rejected within 2 business days. If it is accepted, you will receive an email with your trade-in offer attached. If rejected, the phone will be shipped back to you.

The payouts on phone trade-ins through Amazon vary based on make, model, age and condition of the phone. Newer phones typically pay higher while older phones may only get you a couple of bucks.

Check out Amazon Trade-in here.

Sell Your Used Cell Phone

5. Craigslist

Craigslist is the popular go-to place to sell old and used items. It is also another great place to find potential buyers for your cell phone. One of the best features of Craigslist is the ability to sell a wide range of items in your city or country for no fees. With Craigslist, you are able to sell your cell phone at your own price, with all of the profit going straight to your wallet.

With this option, you will have to meet potential buyers in person. I know this can be intimidating for some, so when it comes to meeting buyers, be sure to meet them in a public setting for safety reasons.

Check out Craigslist here.

6. Swappa

Swappa is an online website that takes used phones in fully functional condition. In order to sell old phones on Swappa, everything must be in working order. This includes the button, battery and accessible ports located on the phone. You also have to make sure the phone is not stolen which can be identified with a clean serial number. You will also have to make sure the phone is not currently linked to a phone service provider.

In order to sell on Swappa, sellers must submit a photo of the phone, showing the full size of the device, with any protective casings removed.

Check out Swappa here.

7. eBay

This is a common website many people think of when it comes to selling used items. eBay has become the Internet’s go-to place for these types of items and is perhaps one of the most popular platforms to find new and used cell phones. For eBay you have two options when it comes to selling phones: Sell it with the Buy It Now feature or list it as an auction. Regardless of which selling options you choose, there are certain steps you need to take in order to get the best deal for your phone.

Describe the phone in detail, listing any damages to the phone or lack in functionality. Be honest.

Take quality photos of the cell phones. You want to make sure you show every angle of the phone, so a potential buyer can have an idea of what it is they are going to buy.

Make sure to include shipping costs in the price. When you list an item with free shipping, buyers are more likely to buy that product compared to a product that requires them to pay for shipping. The best way to do this is to include the price of shipping in the item listing price.

The earning potential for used phones sold on eBay can vary based on various factors such as the listing price. Keep in mind that with every sale, eBay takes out a 10% portion, so you can end up with less than what you originally wanted for your used phone.

Check out eBay here.

8. uSell

uSell is a highly popular online marketplace known for the sale of electronics. Ever since its inception in 2010, the site has been a safe haven for sellers who had trouble selling their wares on eBay. Unlike the eBay marketplace, uSell caters to sellers selling to companies rather than selling to individual buyers. uSell helps connect sellers with companies that are interested in buying used and new electronics, including your used phones.

Once your phone is sold to the company, you can receive funds via an electronic check sent directly to you or a direct PayPal cash deposit within five days of the company receiving your device.

Check out uSell here.

9. LetGo

This is an app which can be downloaded on Apple or Android devices and helps to connect you with potential cellphone buyers in your local area. In order to start selling your phone, you must first download the app directly onto your phone, sign up with a valid email address or Facebook login and then upload a photo of the cell phone you want to sell. That’s it.

The wonderful thing about the LetGo app is that the company isn’t too picky about the condition of the cell phones you want to sell. You are free to sell phones in damaged conditions, completely broken, used or spanking new.

Check out uSell here.

10. ItsWorthMore

With a reputable history and plenty of customer feedback, this is a company that takes its sellers at their worth. Just as its name implies, ItsWorthMore gives you more for your used cell phone than most other companies online. Aside from selling used cell phones, sellers can also sell used tablets, iPods, iPads, laptops and other electronics.

Once eligible items get approved, the company pays fast and without any hassle. Once phones have been approved, ItsWorthMore pays its sellers via electronic check or PayPal within a 72 hour period of the company receiving the phone.

There are plenty of different options when it comes to selling your used cell phones online. Don’t let your unused phones go to waste. Check your drawers and wipe the dust clean from your cellphones. Turn your old phone into cash by selling it at one of these retailers today.

Why Should I Sell My Phone for Cash Today?

There are plenty of reasons to sell used cell phones. Perhaps you have an extra bill that needs to be paid. Perhaps you need a little extra cash for spending money. Maybe you want to just get rid of your old phone. Regardless of the reason, if you need some extra cash, selling a phone you are not using is just the logical decision to make.

Are There Really Places Where I Can Sell My Phone for Cash Near Me?

Yes. There are plenty of places both online and offline where you can sell working cell phones or sell broken phones for cash. Some companies tend to use old phones for parts which can be utilized in new technology, so the demand for cell phones and parts are high at the moment.

Sell My Phone: Appearance is Everything!

Before you can even begin to search for places that will buy your old phone, there are a few things you have to do to make your phone looks presentable to a potential buyer.

  • Confirm the phone is not currently under contract-It is extremely important to first make sure that your old phone is no longer under any kind of contract or payment agreement with a cell phone If your phone is currently under a plan, it can cause issues for the buyer and they may unable to put the phone under their own plan. This can cause problems in the future if you plan on selling future used devices.
  • Back up the device-before listing the phone for sale, be sure to go through its contents and back up anything you want to keep. Check for important contacts, videos or photos that you want to save.
  • Disconnect all of your social accounts-there is nothing worse than forgetting to log out of devices and having somebody have access to all of your private information. Be sure to unlink every one of your social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, DeviantArt, Google, Twitter, Reddit, and
  • Clear the phone with a factory restore-the next step you want to follow is to wipe all of the data from the phone in the form of a factory restore. On Android phones you can do this in the Settings option and on iOS devices you can do this in the General Settings option.
  • Clean the Phone-nobody wants to touch a phone that has 5 years of dust sitting on it. Use a compressed air can and spray the phone free of dust. Then take a specialty soft cloth and wipe the front of the screen down. This will make the phone look presentable to an interested buyer.

Sell My Phone: Locked vs. Unlocked

An unlocked cell phone means that the phone isn’t locked or tied to certain phone carriers. Unlocked phones mean the opposite: they aren’t tied to a phone carrier. When you have an interest in selling your phone, as listed above, it is important to make sure that the phone is unlocked. Not only does it make it easier to sell, but it opens up options for potential buyers.

In order to unlock your phone once it is tied to a network, you must contact the network carrier and have them unlock your phone for you.

CDMA vs. GSM: How to Tell the Difference

If you are unable to unlock your phone, this is one piece of information that you need to understand, especially when it comes time to list the cell phone for sale. When you are ready to sell your old cell phone, it is important to understand the difference between CDMA vs. GSM. Why? Because it can mean the difference to your customers, especially when they want to buy a phone they can use with their current carrier.

  • GSM-Global System for Mobile Communication. This is what most phones use throughout the entire world. Most cell phones that run off this type of technology feature the use of SIM cards to house the service subscription. Most phones tied to AT& T or T-Mobile are run off of GSM carriers.
  • CDMA-Code Division Multiple Access. This type of technology is typically found in Russia and the United States. Phones that run off this technology do not require the use of SIM cards, requiring the phone itself to be tied to a specific carrier. Most phones tied to Verizon or Sprint are run off of CDMA carriers.

Even if you are unable to tell whether your phone is a GSM or CDMA phone, the best way to find out is to look through the phone’s user manual, contact the carrier directly, go through the phone settings check the phone’s model number or conduct a simple Google search for your phone’s specific make and model.

As a side note, most of the sites mentioned above can also be used to sell other stuff. For example, a college student might want to sell textbooks or used school materials. See what else you have at home that you could sell and it might earn you a decent amount of money. 


General Questions on Selling Phones

This section answers the most basic questions you have about selling used cell phones. Use this section to develop a foundation to move on to more advanced questions.

How to Sell a Cell Phone?

You’ve got lots of options when it comes to selling a cell phone. You can sell a phone to an online service like Gazelle. You can also sell your phone in person at ecoATM, Best Buy, Verizon, and other stores.

How Much Can I Sell My Phone For?

That depends on lots of different factors. The type of phone, its condition, and the demand for the phone will all shape the price you get. You’ll want to check with phone buyers about your specific phone.

Where Can I Sell My Prepaid Phone Card?

There are a few different places that you can sell a prepaid phone card. Raise, Buy Back World, prepaid2cash, and other sites will let you sell your prepaid phone card.

Should I Sell My Phone with the SIM Card?

No – you should remove the SIM card from your phone before you sell it. The SIM card is what gives your phone its number and identity on the network. The next buyer has no need for your SIM.

Can I Sell a Phone with a Bad ESN?

Yes, as long as your phone hasn’t been reported as lost or stolen, there are companies that will buy it. The Whiz Cells is one example. You can also sell it on eBay.

How to Sell Your Phone Quickly?

The fastest way to sell your phone is to take it to an ecoATM location. You can also sell your phone through several different online sites like Gazelle and Glyde.

Where to Sell Broken Phones?

There are lots of places you can sell broken phones. ecoATM, Gazelle, and Glyde all accept broken phones. The price you’ll get depends on how the phone is broken and what kind of phone it is.

Can I Sell My Contract Phone and Keep the SIM?

Yes, you should always remove the SIM card before you sell your phone. Your SIM card is how your phone gets its individual phone number and identity. It also stores other information, so you don’t want others to have it.

Selling Financed Phones

Cell phones can be expensive. As a result, lots of people finance their cell phones instead of paying for them upfront. This section answers the questions you have about selling financed cell phones.

Can You Sell a Financed Phone?

You can sell a financed phone. You’ll still be responsible for making your payments on the phone though. If you fall behind on payments then you might be sent to collections.

Can I Sell My Leased Phone?

Not usually. If you’re leasing a cell phone you don’t technically own it. If you purchased the phone and are making payments on in, then you can sell it – but you’ll still have to make your payments.

Can You Sell a Phone that is Not Paid Off?

Yes, you can sell a phone that’s not paid off. However, you’ll still be responsible for the payments. It’s important to note that a buyer may refuse to purchase a phone that isn’t paid off yet.

Can You Sell a T-Mobile Phone That’s Not Paid Off?

As long as you purchased the phone and aren’t leasing it then you can sell the phone. However, selling the phone doesn’t mean you can stop making your payments on it.

Places to Sell Phones

Lots of people want to sell their phones, but don’t know where. This section answers the questions you have about where you can sell your phone online or in person.

Where Can I Sell My Phone for a Good Price?

There are lots of options to sell your cell phone for a good price.  Gazelle, ecoATM, Best Buy, and most cell phone companies will offer you a decent price for your cell phone. You can also sell on eBay.

Where Can I Sell My Phone in Store?

Best Buy and your cell phone carrier are the best places to sell your phone in store. ecoATM has kiosks that will pay cash in person. You can also sell at Best Buy and your cell phone carrier.

Where Can I Sell My Phone Near Me?

The best place to sell your cell phone near you is either at your cell phone carrier’s store or at an ecoATM kiosk. You can usually find an ecoATM kiosk in the mall.

Where Can I Sell My Old Phone?

Lots of places buy old cell phones. Try Gazelle and eBay if you want to sell online. You can also take your phone to an ecoATM kiosk or to your cell phone carrier.

Where to Sell Used Cell Phones?

The best place to sell your used cell phone depends on how fast you want to sell it. You can sell it instantly at an ecoATM kiosk or Gazelle. But you can get a better price if you sell it on eBay or Amazon.

Where Can I Sell My Phone for Cash?

ecoATM is the best place to sell your phone for cash. They have kiosks in most malls and some other locations. The kiosk will analyze your phone and offer you a price and cash right there.

Can You Sell Your Phone at Walmart?

Yes. Walmart will offer you up to $300 for your old phone. The money you get comes in the form of in-store credit, so you shouldn’t sell at Walmart if you want cash.

What Website Can I Sell My Phone On?

You’ve got a ton of options for websites to sell your phone on. Gazelle is one of the most popular ones. They’ll buy it instantly. However, you’ll get a better price on eBay, but it will take longer.

Can You Sell Cell Phones at Pawn Shops?

Sometimes. Every pawn shop has their own policies. You’ll want to check with your specific pawn dealer to find out if they’ll accept your phone for sale.

Where Can I Sell My Phone in Person?

The best place to sell your phone in-person is at an ecoATM kiosk. The kiosk analyzes your phone and offers you cash right then and there. That makes it fast an convenient.

Where Can I Sell My Old Flip Phones?

You can get a surprisingly good price for your old flip phone on eBay. Lots of people appreciate the retro look of a flip phone and will pay good money for one.

Where Can I Sell a Locked Phone?

The best place to sell a locked cell phone is to the carrier the phone is locked in to. You can also sell a locked cell phone on websites like Gazelle or to an ecoATM kiosk.

Where to Sell Broken Phones for Cash?

Lots of stores and businesses will pay cash for broken cell phones. ecoATM is one of the most popular options. They have kiosks in most malls around the country.

How Can I Sell My Phone on eBay?

You can sell your phone on eBay by creating a listing for it and describing the phone. You should note its condition, if its locked, and any other information you have on the phone.

Where to Sell Your Phone for the Most Money?

The best way to get the most money for your phone is to sell it on eBay. Individual sales like this will get more cash than selling it to a business. That’s because the business needs to resell your old phone to turn a profit.

Companies and Selling Phones

There are lots of cell phone companies and companies that buy used cell phones. This section answers your questions about different companies and selling your cell phone.

Can I Sell a Locked Phone to ecoATM?

Yes, ecoATM will accept locked and unlocked phones. Just go to the kiosk and follow the instructions to get your phone assessed and receive a cash offer.

Can I Sell My Phone if I Owe Money Verizon?

You can – the money you owe to Verizon doesn’t change your ownership of the phone. Keep in mind that selling the phone won’t erase the debt you owe to Verizon.

Where Can I Sell My Verizon Phone?

You can sell your Verizon phone in many different locations. In many cases, Verizon will accept your old phone as a trade in. You can also sell your phone to third party sites like Gazelle or at ecoATM.

Where to Sell Boost Mobile Phones?

Lots of places will buy Boost Mobile phones. Stores like ecoATM and Best Buy will buy old phones. You can also sell them online on eBay or sites like Gazelle.

Where Can I Sell My Sprint Phone?

Sprint phones can be sold in many different ways. You can always sell the phone on eBay or Amazon. You can also sell it to an ecoATM store, Best Buy, or online sites like Gazelle.

Can I Sell My AT&T Phone Under Contract?

You’ll want to check your specific contract, but in most cases, yes. As long as you own the phone and aren’t leasing it you’re able to sell it if you so wish.

Can I Sell a Verizon Phone with an Outstanding Bill?

Most likely. Your outstanding bill for Verizon is probably for cell service, not for the phone itself. Even if it’s for the phone, as long as you’re paying for the phone because you purchased it and not because you’re leasing it.

Does Verizon Sell Used Phones?

Yes, Verizon offers certified pre-owned phones for sale. They get these phones from trade-ins. You can see what they offer online. You can also check your local Verizon phone to see what they have in stock.

Can I Sell My Old Phone Back to Verizon?

Sometimes. Verizon offers trade-ins and buybacks on a case-by-case basis. It depends on what kind of phone you have and what sort of condition it’s in. The newer the phone and the better the condition, the better the price you’ll be offered.

Security and Selling Phones

If you want to sell your phone, then you want to be sure that you’re not putting yourself at risk for data theft or identity theft. This section answers your questions about how you can stay safe when selling your phones.

How to Wipe Android Phone Before Selling?

The best way to wipe your Android phone before selling it is to restore it to factory defaults. This will erase everything on the phone. You should also take out any micro-SD card you’ve put in the phone.

What to do Before Selling Android Phone?

There are a few things you should do before selling your phone. First, you should remove any micro-SD card you’ve put into the phone for extra storage. Second, restore the phone to factory defaults. You can do this from the settings menu.

How to Clear Old Phone to Sell?

You can clear your old phone to sell it by restoring the phone to factory defaults. You can reset the factory defaults by going to the settings menu on your phone.

Where to Sell Locked Phones?

You can sell a locked phone in several different places. There’s no prohibition against selling a locked phone on eBay as long as it is labeled as such. Gazelle, or the locked carrier may also buy the phone from you. Some people will even use drop shipping companies to sell phones.

How to Erase Phone Before Selling?

Restoring your phone to factory defaults is the best way to erase everything on it before selling. This will delete your contacts, pictures, videos, browser history, and other information.

Other Selling Phones Questions

The used cell phone market is fairly complex. This section covers questions that don’t fit into our other categories.

Does Best Buy Sell Used Cellular Phones?

Yes, Best Buy offers certified pre-owned phones for sale. You can find their offerings on the Best Buy website. You can also check local stores to see what they have in stock.

Where Can I Sell Phone Cases?

eBay is the best place to sell phone cases. Old cell phones have valuable technology inside of them. This technology can be reclaimed and used. Phone cases don’t and so there’s a much smaller market for them.

What is the Number One Selling Cell Phone?

The best-selling phone of all time is the Nokia 1100. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are close runners up. However, new phones come out all the time, so the next number one selling phone may be coming out soon.

What Stores Sell Used Phones?

Best Buy, Verizon, and ecoATM sell used cell phones. You can also get used cell phones on sites like eBay or Gazelle. Other carriers will also sell certified pre-owned cell phones.

Can You Sell Your Mobile Phone Number?

No. You don’t own your phone number. No one really owns a phone number, and therefore it’s impossible to sell a phone number.

How to Sell Your Phone Online?

It’s easy to sell your phone online. Lots of sites will buy your used cell phone. Check Gazelle first. You can also try selling on eBay. You can get a better price, but the sale might take longer to happen.

Where Can I Sell My Cell Phone Batteries?

The best place to sell cell phone batteries is online. Sites like will buy cell phone batteries. You can also sell them on eBay or Amazon.

Where to Sell Second Hand Mobile Phones?

You’ve got lots of options when it comes to selling second-hand mobile phones. There are lots of sites online that accept second-hand phones. You can also sell them in person at Best Buy and ecoATM stores.

How to Deactivate Boost Mobile Phone for Selling?

You can deactivate your Boost Mobile phone by logging on to your account online. Once you log on, you’ll need to go through the options to deactivate your phone.

Where to Sell Phone with Cracked Screen?

Most places that buy used cell phones will accept a phone with a cracked screen. ectATM, Gazelle, and others will buy cracked screen phones, although at a lower price.

Can You Sell a Blacklisted Phone?

As long as you’re the owner, you can sell a blacklisted phone. However, you can’t sell any phone that you don’t own. You also can’t sell any phone that’s been reported as lost or stolen.

Can I Sell My Phone on Amazon?

Yes, you can post your phone for sale on Amazon. You likely won’t get the full retail value of the phone if it’s used. You’ll also want to make sure you restore it to factory defaults to remove any information from it.

Can I Sell My Verizon Phone After Line Suspended?

Yes, the line being suspended just stops your cell service, it doesn’t mean that you don’t own the phone anymore. As a result, you’re still free to sell the phone.

Where Does Gazelle Sell Their Phones?

Gazelle sells their phones through their site online and this is where you can sometimes find the best cell phone deals. They can be purchased by individuals and companies all around the country and the world.

Can You Sell Water Damaged Phones?

You can sell a water-damaged phone on sites like eBay. However, most major cell phone purchasing operations don’t purchase water damaged phones.

Can I Sell My Old Sprint Phone?

Yes, you can sell your old Sprint phone. However, depending on how old the phone it is, you might not get a great price for it. You can also donate your phone or have it recycled.