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If you have a day off, you might be looking for something to do.  But, not everything has to cost money.  Sometimes you can find free things to do that give you as much satisfaction as things that cost money.  That's a bonus, plus you have money in your pocket.  Who doesn't love that!

Free Things To Do On A Day Off

Here are some free things to do on a day off.

popcorn movie free things

Watching a favorite movie is one of many free things to do.

Watch An Old Movie

If the weather doesn't present you the opportunity to leave the house, find some entertainment.  Nothing is better than an old movie that you haven't watched for awhile.  Pop it in, grab a snack, and enjoy some comfort time!

Read A Favorite Book

I've read thousands of fiction books in my life.  But, there are those select few that will always be my favorite.  Grab an old book that you haven't read and settle in.  If you haven't read it in awhile, I guarantee you'll find new joy.

Take A Walk Outdoors

Sometimes just taking a walk outside is exactly what you need.  The weather has to cooperate, of course.  There are a few nearby parks that I love for the sole purpose of taking a quiet walk.  It always leaves me feeling refreshed.

Visit A Place Of Worship

There's something reinvigorating about stepping into a holy place.  Even if you don't attend a service, sometimes just enjoying the solitude of an empty church can help relax you.


This may not seem like fun, but there is a joy in helping others out.  Maybe you can help out at a local community center.  Perhaps a nearby park needs help cleaning off trails.  The opportunities here are practically endless.

Clean Out Your Fridge Or Freezer

Cleaning? But this is a blog post about fun things to do.  Honestly, I have always thought that this task IS a little fun.  You always find things you no longer need in there.  You often end up discovering new space.  That sparkle and shine of freshly wiped shelves is definitely worth the work.


This is another task that might not seem like fun, but if done right, actually is very fun.  I recently spent an afternoon with my son cleaning out his closet.  It was a top to bottom clean-out.  We pulled every book and toy out, and went through item by item.  After it was done, we both kept walking over and looking back inside.

On top of the satisfaction, there was fun in going through his old toys.  Even if he'd outgrown something, he still enjoyed talking about the fun he'd once had playing with it or how he got it.  That seems like a cool experience that even us grown-ups can enjoy!

Go Downtown

If you live in or near a city center, go for a visit.  Detroit, our nearest city, is a fun place to be these days.  It used to be a ghost town outside of working hours, but now there's always activity.  You don't have to do anything particularly exciting to have fun.  Even a bit of people watching is just the ticket for a couple of hours.

Reach Out To Someone You Miss

Do you have a friend you haven't communicated with in awhile? A cousin?  Someone you had a falling out with that you can't even remember the details? Whatever the case may be, establishing contact with someone who was once important to you is a tremendously satisfying experience.  You can never have too many meaningful people in your life.

What Are Your Ideas of Fun Things To Do On A Day Off?

Those are just a few of my ideas about fun things to do that don't cost you anything.  If you end up with a day off, what are some things you do or look forward to?