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Father's Day is just around the corner.  I don't know about you, but it seems like dads are the hardest to buy for.  I've found that about my dad, and I've been told it applies to me.  I guess either we have simple needs or we just buy things ourselves.  It's probably a combination of the two!  Regardless, here are some Father's Day gift ideas that I think could help.  They'll definitely help my wife if she happens to be looking for ideas.  But, I'm pretty sure these would apply for many dads out there.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Grill Accessories

Every dad has a barbecue grill, right?  Mine is sitting on the deck as we speak.  I don't care how fancy a grill it is.  It doesn't matter how much it might look fully stocked.  There is always something that a dad could use.  I've received multiple Father's Day gifts tied to my grill.  One year, I got a grill cover (which is now falling apart).  Another year I got a flipper with an indentation of my favorite football team.  Go Lions!  There's always something that a dad could use for his grill.


I love to read and many dads are the same way.  For many people, it's not the actual reading, it's the down time associated with it.  Let's face it, life is busy and dads rush around day and night.  To have a book in my hand is a time that I'm OK to just do nothing for awhile.  Find out what dad likes and get him a good book or two.

Amazon Gift Card

Let's face it.  Everybody shops on Amazon now.  So, if you really can't find anything at all for dad, get him a gift card.  It's easy to apply and surely he'll find something.  After all, they do sell everything now.

Hardware Store Gift Card

Dads love to fix things. Well, OK, we might not love fixing everything.  After all, we'd probably prefer it never got broken in the first place, right?  But, things break and dad will get called on to fix it.  So, a gift card is a great idea for their next hardware store run.   It could help pay for the next tool, drywall repair kit, or lumber that is needed for whatever project comes up next.

Wind Chimes

This is one of my personal favorite.  I wonder how many will possibly think of it. One year I got a set of wind chimes. My kids were little so they didn't pick them out.  But, even so, the wind chimes remind me of them. Every year when I hang them up I look forward to their melody.  And when I hear them, whether it be in the afternoon or sometime overnight, it reminds me of my kids and makes me think of them.  This seems so simple but it could be more meaningful than you realize.


Little boys love playing in the dirt, right?  Here's the thing.  That really never goes away.  Chances are dad has some project for which he could use some dirt.  Maybe topsoil or gardening dirt.  The point is that dirt will not go to waste.

Chips or Other Salty Snack

Dads love chips and dip. At least just about every dad I know!  Get an assortment of chips and match it up with some favorite dips.  Dad will surely appreciate the opportunity to have a good snack or two.

fathers day gift idea

Sometimes Father's Day gift ideas can be very simple.


Why not help dad relax with some beer or a nice bottle of booze?  By now, you probably know your dad's favorite beverage of choice.  While it might make sense to go fancier than he likes, chances are he'll appreciate the stuff he's used to.


Many dads wear their shirts way past their point of usefulness.  Here's a chance to find dad a great shirt.  Whether it's a nice polo shirt or a silly shirt that will make him and others laugh, a good shirt can be a great gift.  And since dads like to wear shirts for so long, chances are it'll be a gift that's around for a good long time!

Homemade Card

Is there any dad that doesn't love a good homemade card?  Whether it be from a small child or from a grown-up, dads always have a soft spot for their kids.  Hearing about how much they mean is always a great gift for any father.  I guarantee that most dads have every card their kids ever made them.  There's a solid reason for that.

Readers, what do you think about my Father's Day gift ideas?  Any new ideas here?  What are you planning to do for dad this year?