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Recently, Kim at Eyes On The Dollar did a post about some random things that she can't understand.  While I agree with her on many accounts (especially the one about popcorn ceilings…how did those things even come to be invented?), I figured I'd blatantly copy the idea and give a list of ten things that I often wonder about.

  1. Why do people insist on sharing any details about their juice cleanse? It's gross.  Stop it.  I don't care if you skip over the disgusting parts, it's still disgusting.  If I owned a juice company, I would specifically put a note on each bottle of juice asking people to please not use my juice as part of any cleanse.  Because, you know, it's gross.
  2. Why do people buy homes and then let the home or yard fall into disrepair?  I'm not saying every home and yard has to look immaculate, but for people who just neglect them, I don't get it.  It's not like we haven't been doing this home buying thing for decades now.  You should sort of know what to expect.
  3. Why can little kids can magically pick up on any bad word?  Even if you say it in a regular tone of voice surrounded by fifty other words that you want them to learn, but they don't, they will instantly pick out any naughty or swear word and being using it.  In context.
  4. Why do we think it's OK to treat each so poorly when we're behind the wheel of a car?  People think nothing of zooming around other cars or cutting other cars off.  Read that sentence again and it becomes clear why people rationalize it.  Because they see themselves as cutting off another car or going around another car or getting angry at another car.  People forget that there are other human beings driving those cars, and in most cases, people wouldn't dream of treating another person that way in a face to face situation.
  5. Why has executive and management pay gone up (in terms of real buying power) but everybody else has pretty much stayed the same over the last 20-30 years?  Is management the only group doing a better job than other workers?  And, are they?
  6. How come companies could afford to offer things like pensions and full health benefits but now cry poverty and cut anything to do with those benefits without giving it a second thought?  Oh, wait, I guess that's the executives doing such a good job, right?
  7. Why do people care so passionately about the political beliefs of other people?  Honestly, as long as you don't try to push your beliefs on me, I really don't care what you believe.  But, how many people now instantly dislike someone when they find out a particular affiliation or belief?  Too, too many.
  8. Why do computers know to ask if you're sure you want to do the things you are absolutely sure of, but to give you no such consideration when you click something by mistake?
  9. Why do we think that it's only today's politicians that don't worry about what the decisions they make down the road will cost ‘our grandchildren'?  Let's face it, most of the infrastructure we have was put into place under politicians who are long out of office or dead, and while they approved the funding, they didn't look ahead and plan for what do with it once it started falling apart.  So, this has been going on for a lot longer than many people think.
  10. Why does every Michael's or Joann's store have leaky ceilings?  I remember my grandma dragging me around to crafts stores as a kid, and every ceiling was covered with water stained tiles.  Now, every so often, my wife drags me to one of the stores, and the ceiling is the same.  Other stores in the same shopping centers are fine, but leaky ceilings in craft stores?  Every single time.