10 Things I’ve Been Up To Lately

It’s mid-September already, and that just blows me away.  It doesn’t seem like but a few weeks ago that summer was just starting.  We had dreams of long days at the beach and warm nights.  Now we’re holding onto every last bit we can.  We’ve even had a couple of fall-like stretches here in Michigan.  Boo!  Here are some things I’ve been up to that are keeping me busy.

  1. Slowly re-entering my running routine – I’d been doing really good with running, but noticed some foot and heel pain in early summer.  I decided to shut my running down. Instead I did some other exercises (and admittedly mostly fell out of my routine altogether).  I’ve been doing some running again.  I’m going much shorter distances, slower paces, and with less frequency.  This will be a test ofwhether I can get back into it or should wait. At the time, I was really excited that I’d been increasing my pace at such a rapid rate, but I was probably overdoing it.  If I find my pain levels following the same paths, I will seek a doctor to try to get it straightened out.  Hopefully taking things slow will allow me to get back into doing this activity that I’ve really taken to.
  2. Continuing the basement cleanup project – In August, I started working on a full overhaul of our basement. I needed to restore order to remove clutter that’d gotten out of control.  This was not just a simple straightening up.  It’s my goal to basically touch everything down there and determine if it’s needed and if it’s in the right spot.  Things have slowed down over the past few weeks with some camping and such.  I’d say I’m about halfway done.  I’m hoping to finish up in October.
  3. Camping, lots of camping – We did a week long camping trip in late August, another weekend trip for Labor Day.  Additionally, we snuck in a quick one day trip for my wife and I to celebrate our anniversary.  We figured out that between all that, we’d been camping for four straight weekends.  No wonder the basement project took a backseat!  The weather was kind of a bust for our week long trip.  Still, we had great weather for our weekend trip.  I guess one out of two is pretty good!
  4. Troubleshooting problems – I wrote recently about how we had the fourth door handle break on our Buick, and how I said ‘no way’ to the dealership costs.  So far, we’ve made progress. I have the part and have taken it to a nearby body shop for painting.  I’m hoping to have that wrapped up this week.  Also, on one of our recent camping trips I figured out why our A/C was dripping into the camper.  Turns out that we had a sizeable puddle on the roof after a big rainstorm.  Instead of condensation flowing out, it was allowing water to seep in.  I quickly tipped the camper up and drained off the roof.  Everything went smooth after that.  Hooray for figuring things out on my own!
  5. Avoiding construction – My wife wanted some stuff printed out on good paper and in color.  She had it mb-2015-09-roadworksent to a nearby Staples.  The only problem is that construction on both streets at the intersection made it virtually impossible to get there quickly.  I hopped on my bike and had it back to the house in 20 minutes.  It probably would have taken that long by car.  Instead, I saved on gas, frustration, and got some exercise!
  6. Getting the kids back to school – Our son is in 1st Grade.  Our daughter is in her second year of pre-school.  Getting them ready and excited to go is always a whirlwind.  My wife takes care of most of the details here, which is great.  However, it does create a lot of excitement and a few extra trips out.
  7. I’m juggling multiple projects at work.  I’ve worked on some big projects at work.  This is cool because I often focus on one big thing at a time.  This is much easier to manage my time and work.  Right now, after the costs of a couple of such programs, the organization is taking a break from anything big, so I’m now wor king on multiple smaller projects.  At the moment, I’m juggling six open projects.  None of them are too crazy.  It’s definitely different than I’m used to.  My biggest challenge is not to leave any behind.
  8. Battling hornets – I found out, the hard way, that hornets had built a huge nest in one of the pine trees.  They bit me twice.  Ouch!  They won that battle, but lost the war later that night.  I haven’t seen any activity around the nest since I sprayed.  Still, I plan to knock it down just to make sure.
  9. Reading – I’ve been reading a lot of good books (My Sunshine Away by M.O. Walsh, Finders Keepers by Stephen King, and Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng).  I also got the inevitable stinker (The Deep by Nick Cutter).  I love to read, so the camping trips have for sure kept me bus.  This is a good thing!
  10. Blogging – I’ve been coasting a bit with my writing and interacting with other bloggers over the summer.  I haven’t really been all that satisfied with the content and with networking.   I’m really trying to pick up the slack.  I’m working on trying to provide more engaging information. This will include commenting on other blogs and trying to build up my blog and others through networking.  I’ve been doing this for so long that I know lulls are unavoidable.  I’ve also come to accept that I’m not ever going to be a mega-blogger.  I’m fine with that, but overall, I still love the blogging community.  I  am looking forward to re-engaging a bit more.

Readers, what have you been up to lately?  Anything good and exciting?

8 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve Been Up To Lately”

  1. PiC’s running a half marathon soon, too! Would you ever combine a race with leisure travel? I’ve thought it could be fun (the travel part, not the running), but PiC’s not a fan of the idea.
    It’s my birthmonth but with an infant and slower moving dog in tow, I’m not convinced we have the bandwidth to do anything particularly exciting.

    I’m doing a lot of reading using the Baen Book’s free library online which is pretty cool, but I’ll soon run out of free options there. Most of our exciting stuff is coming up next year, so I’m using these last few months of the year to relax, plan ahead, and save!

    • I think if my wife and I were both into the racing a bit more, we’d consider that. She’s part of a training group and people have said that when they go away, they look up if there are any races, and will often sign up. So, while that’s not necessarily planning the trip around the race, it’s along the same lines. With part of the fee of the training group, my wife gets a number of vouchers that can be used at area races, and most of them are fairly local, so that’s one reason that she normally does races more close to home.

  2. I’m SO glad the school year has started. It means a much more structured schedule, and easier to plan my day. The beginning of the school year takes an enormous amount of energy to get prepared for……a huge sigh of relief in the Kernin household.

    • Yes, it’s nice to have the structure in place and the kids aren’t around each other all the time, which has definitely cut down on (but not eliminated) their bickering.

  3. I am a fan of camping, Moneybeagle. I and my kids will be having one next Saturday. We’so excited that everything we’d need is ready!

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