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So you found the perfect job.  There's only one problem.  First, you have to nail your job interview.   Well, actually you need to get the job interview first.  But once you get it, you need to stand out.  Here are some ways to nail your job interview.

Dress Nicely

Don't be flashy. Dress professionally.  You want to stand out in your job interview, but not for the wrong reasons.  If you dress nice, it shows respect toward the interviewer and the company.

Start And Finish By Saying Thank You

Even though it's their job, the person interviewing you is giving you their time.  Make sure you express appreciation for that.  Give a nice smile and handshake while saying thank you at the beginning.  At the end, thank them again.  Manners matter for people of all ages.  Use them.

Be Confident, Not Arrogant

Your job at the job interview is to make them know that you can do the job.  Be confident, but not to the point of arrogance.  Don't talk about how you'll make things better once you're hired.  That shows a lack of respect for how they do things today.

Make It Clear Why You Want This Job

Don't spend a lot of time talking about your current job.  For sure, don't bash it.  And, if spend time talking about things you want to do at your next job, make sure it fits with the job you are interviewing for.  Many people spend a lot of time talking about themselves, their skills, and their goals, but forget to tie those things to the actual job.  Interviewers can see through this.

Turn The Interview Into A Conversation

When I interview people, I have a list of questions that I want answered.  However, the best interviews are those where the time spent is more of a conversation versus going down a list one by one.  If done well, at the end of the conversation, the interviewer will be able to look at their list and see that most have been answered.  And they'll have enjoyed the interview much more.

Explain Why Your Skills And Experience Matter

Your resume lists your skills and experience.  The interview is the place to prove why they matter.  If you kicked butt on a project, explain how that helped your company.  When you have a skill you are proud of, show how you used it or plan to use it.  At no point in a job interview should it sound like you're reading a bunch of bullet points.

Know How To Answer The Dreaded ‘Biggest Weakness' Question

“What's been your biggest weakness?”  That's the question that sends shivers down the spines of most people.  Here's the thing.  A good interviewer isn't looking for a particular weakness so much as what you have done about it.   They want to see that you can identify a weakness, and take action to solve it.  Your answer should show that you can take ownership and that you can problem solve.

Know The Company

Learn about the company.  Have information about their history.  Talk about it when the time is right.  Don't force in the facts you know.  That'll be a little too obvious.  But when you're able to fit in the fact that you know your stuff, it can make a big difference.

Ask Questions

This is standard advice.  However, be careful.  Don't ask questions just for the sake of asking questions.  People see through that.  And then they feel like you're wasting their time.  Come up with 5-10 questions before the interview.  But here's the thing: Don't ask all of them.  If you do, you turn into that annoying kid in class always raising his hand.  A list of questions will give you a couple of things to ask at natural points of the interview.

Be Respectful Of Time

There's a few things that go into this one.  Be early to the interview.  But, not too early.   You don't need to sit around a waiting room for 30 minutes. You can pull in the parking lot that early, but sit in the car for 20 minutes.  Keep the interview flowing.  Stay away from the filler.  You don't need to rush through things, but don't drag it along.

These are just some tips that I've learned over the years.  I'm sure there are many more.  While these won't guarantee your job, they certainly can help.

Readers, I'd love to know your thought and tips.  What have you seen or done in a job interview to stand out?   What other tips do you have to nail your job interview?  Please comment below, and thanks for reading!