9 Money Goals Everyone Should Have

Rich or poor, working or retired, blue collar or white collar.  None of those things or any other will get around the simple fact that money is important.  As such, there are certain things that everybody should do with their money.  These don’t mean that everybody should approach money the same way.  It just means that in some fashion, each of the below items should be on everyone’s list of money goals.

Have A Rewarding Career

Don’t hate your job.  It’s just not worth it. You don’t have to love every minute of the day that you’re at work.  That’s just not reasonable.

But you should enjoy what you do.  You should feel that you’re making a difference.

Make Your Job About More Than Money

Money is great, but it’s not everything.  You want to have enough to pay the bills and enjoy life, but always look at the trade offs.  If you’re missing your kids grow up or losing your friends on account of your job, reconsider your priorities.

Money is a means to an end.  Treat your career accordingly.

Have A Fallback Plan For Your Income

Your job may seem like the most secure thing in the world.  It might not be tomorrow.  You might love your job more than anything.  That could change in an instant.

Always have an idea of what you could do next.

For some this could be another position or a contract job.  For others, maybe you have a side hustle that you could do full time.

Whatever the case, be prepared.

Save Money

Whether you’re just starting off and on an entry level salary or you’re rolling in it, save money.  It’s important.  Even if you’re paying off debt, save money.  It’s a cushion to fall back on that everybody needs.


Budget And Track Your Money

Do you know where your money goes? Do you know where you want it to go?  You should be able to say yes to both of these questions.

Now, you might not want to track down to the level of every dollar.  Or maybe you do.  Whatever your style is, you need to do both of these things for money success.

Understand Your Investments

If you invest on your own or through a 401(k), it’s important to know what you’re investments entail.  Even if you have an adviser, you need to know where they’re putting your money.

This won’t guarantee you will never lose money, but chances are, if you understand where your money is, you’ll end up with more of it than someone who doesn’t.

Be Well Insured

If you drive, you need auto insurance.  A homeowner? You need insurance on your property.  What if you rent?  You need insurance on your property.  If you have family that counts on your income, life insurance is key.

Understand the different types of insurance and know what you need.  Make sure it’s current.  Your needs today might be different than tomorrow.

Look over your policies and your needs at least once a year.  As part of that, bid out your insurance to see if you can find a better price.  This is one area that changes often.

Know Your Credit Like You Know Your Family

Your credit is the basis for almost anything you do with money.  You can’t get loans without good credit. You can’t pay your bills if you have too much credit.  Some employers won’t hire you if you have bad credit.

The bottom line is that you need to know your credit.  Know what you owe.   Know your score and what it means.  Keep track of such things regularly.

It’s one of the most important things you can do for your money.

Have Vision

What’s the use of money if you don’t have a plan for what to do with it?  Of course you have your needs today that must be accounted for.  But also know what it’s there for long term.  Plan.  Have a vision for what your money will be doing for you down the road.

These are some items I think are of utmost important for anybody that thinks money is important.  That’s you, right?

Readers, what do you think of this list?  What are some of your personal money goals that might not be on this list?  

15 thoughts on “9 Money Goals Everyone Should Have”

  1. I love how many of these are about fulfillment and happiness, like finding a job you actually love. I’d add learning how to live beneath your means – not *within* your means, but beneath them. It makes savings and long term good money management possible.

  2. Put your retirement money in index funds spread out across the board! Equities, bonds and some exposure to international indexes. Totally diversified and not one bad sector can take you down on any given day. Keep some cash on the side to buy in during market dips. Dollar cost averaging. Finally a cheap way to do this is Vanguard!! I am in no way affiliated with them! My companies 401k was managed by them when I retired I just rolled my lump sump pension and 401k into an IRA, small amount of after tax cash I had into a Roth IRA and 200k into a taxable brokerage account!! It works if u plan it right.

  3. Now that I’m married I’m trying to diversify my portfolio a little bit. I’m always going to keep a bit more cash. Can’t let anything happen to my family, even in the worst case scenario (if there every is a Great Depression again).

  4. Great list of reminders to all of us. I remember hating my job back in my working days that I had to force myself to come to work almost on a daily basis. Frequent call-ins, leaving work early and simply unmotivated to work. One day it just hit me and realized that work should never be treated this way. Changed my mindset and I never look at a job the same thing again. Thank you for this responsibility list.

  5. I’m working on saving money now. My financial adviser gave me a budget sheet which has really helped me with managing my money. I love how you added the last step. I’m a big dreamer and having vision keeps me motivated.

  6. I really enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing. I like the way you have not just focused on money – overall happiness plays a big roll as well!

    Little Miss Fire

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