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Kids love a snow day, right?  Every time it snows, the kids want to know if they will have school tomorrow.  On occasions they don't, that's great news!  For the kids, anyway.  For parents who now have to fill an unplanned day, it can be daunting. Thankfully, there are some easy and fun activities for any snow day!

Outdoor Snow Day Activities

image from Morguefile courtesy of zevik

If the kids are home with a snow day, that means that there's snow on the ground.  Go outside and take advantage of it.

  • Build a snowman.  These can be fun and easy. Grab some extra hats and scarves and the kids will take it from there.
  • Shovel the driveway.  Kids may not get every bit of snow.  In fact, sometimes you'll end up with more snow on the driveway than before they started!  That's OK, though, because they'll be having fun and keeping busy.
  • Carve out a snow fort.  If the snow is piled high enough, try hollowing out a fort.
  • Snowball fight!  Enough said.

Indoor Snow Day Activities

If it's too cold, still snowing, or the kids have soaked their coats through, fear not.  There are plenty of things to do indoors on a snow day.

  • Bake cookies.  Kids love to help mix and scoop and watch their cookies rise in the oven.  And, of course, eating them!
  • Arts and crafts.  There are plenty of projects that kids could do.  They can make their own coloring book.  How about cards to send to family or friends?  They can make paper plate snowmen.
  • Movie and popcorn.  If you can't get out of the house, bring the movies to you.  Pop some corn, close the drapes, and pop in a favorite movie.
  • Reading.  This can be a nice calm activity in the midst of the chaos!
  • Clean up project.  Have everybody work together to clean out a closet or something similar.  Kids may not initially like the idea of work, but once they get started, they will pile into the project.  And, then they'll have some evidence of their accomplishment long after their snow day.
  • Video game tournament.  A little screen time is OK.  Make it fun and have a little tournament.  Just make sure everyone gets a chance to excel at something.
  • Scavenger hunt.  Kids like to look for things.  They also have great imaginations.  Send them off on a thrilling adventure around the world….all in your own house!
  • Build a fort.  Forts work great outdoors, but they also provide great fun indoors, too.  Couch cushions, pillows, blankets, and a few toys will get them engrossed in no time.

Readers, have you had to fill time with a snow day yet this year?  What fun things do your kids enjoy?