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I'm not a big believer in New Years resolutions.  I think it's more apporpirate to set goals.  These can be touched on throughout the year.  I also think they should come from experiences or goals from before 2018.  Continuity will help.  These are 20 goals for 2018 that I have.


  • Be protective of my den.  Our family of four should pull together and always have each others back.  I'd like to be a better example of this.  Our children will definitely learn this value, and now's the time to get a little better at it.
  • Be more of the husband and dad I want my wife and kids to remember.  I often look at things I wish I could change.  Why just wish?  There are things I do or say today that I don't want to be remembered for.  Why not change to do the things I want?
  • Look out for my/our parents.  Both my parents and my wife's parents are very strong and independent.  Even

    image from morguefile courtesy of xololounge

    so, I'd like to look out for them more.  They spent decades looking out for us (and still do).  I'd like to reciprocate more.

  • Be there when there.  This one is simple.  Stay off cell phones, tablets, and TV time when our family is together.  I definitely want to ‘put the phone down' more often.


  • Be stable.  We've made some changes to add a little flexibility to our cash flow.  This is good and is a safety net for us.  I'd like to make sure we set ourselves up so that money doesn't surprise us.  At least not in a negative way!
  • Spend with purpose.  We spend money on vacations. To some this might seem wasteful, but we do so with purpose.  These provide memories for us and our children.  This is worth it.  I'd like to make sure that our spending in other areas is done with similar purpose.
  • Be wiser.  I haven't always made the best money decisions.  Sometimes I take too many risks.  Sometimes, not enough.  It'd be nice to fall more in the middle.
  • Setup a trust / will.  This one speaks for itself!


  • Exercise.  I have done a pretty good job of keeping up on exercising.  I'd like to continue this and make sure it's steady.
  • Moderate.  As I continue to get older, I see more and more how what you put into your body matters.  When you're young, it doesn't hit you as hard.  So continuing to have awareness and make responsible decisions continues to grow in importance.


  • Figure out Pinterest.  I always thought this was something for females.  But I'm seeing that it's also a great tool for bloggers.  It seems many of the most successful bloggers use Pinterest.  It's time to figure it out for myself.
  • Comment.  I read a lot of blogs but I haven't really taken the time to comment as much as I should.  It's time to change that.
  • Facebook.  I do share a lot of great posts that I read on Twitter.  I'd like to continue to expand my social media engagement by sharing posts, as well as interacting on the Facebook community.
  • Really be part of the personal finance blogging community.  I've been blogging for a long time, but I have never really immersed myself in the blogging community.  I participate, but as I often do in life, I am more on the sidelines than in the middle.  I can't promise I'll jump right to the middle, but I'd like to move a little closer.
  • Redesign.  I haven't given Money Beagle a fresh look in a couple of years.  It's due!


  • Look for internal opportunities.  I have a pretty great job.  I'm good at what I do.  I am well thought of.   Still, I don't want to get complacent. I have some ideas on how to expand my skills, while not risking the good reputation I've built.  I'd like to act on this in 2018.
  • Review other options.  Because things have been going so well, I haven't really looked at other opportunities.  While I'm in no hurry to leave, maybe there is an even better opportunity out there.  I need to spend time looking to make sure I'm not leaving myself behind.


  • Appreciate beauty.  I want to spend more time just looking around and enjoying the beauty of life.  There's a lot there.
  • Live for today and tomorrow.  Finding the mix of living for today but also making sure tomorrow is taken care of can be tough.  There are no guarantees, so while I don't want to do anything foolish and spend every dime today, I also don't want to get to the end of my life and regret not doing more.
  • Take risks.  I'm pretty hesitant to try new things.  Why? There's so much out there to do and learn.  Experiences are great, why not have more of them?  I'd love to get to the end of the year and have stepped outside my comfort zone more often.

Readers, what are some of your goals for 2018?  I hope you have a great year ahead!