Saving Time Raking Leaves

Fall offers many things for a good part of the country: beautiful colors, falling leaves, days at the cider mill, hay rides. But, along with all of these things comes the falling leaves, which of course must be raked. A quick tip that I’ve learned very quickly is to cut your grass short once fall comes and the leaves start falling. Why?
Because when it’s windy, as it often is during the fall months, a shorter lawn means that the leaves will simply blow away! That means less leaves to rake, and more time enjoying hot cider and football. Plus, since this is a personal finance blog, I have to point out that you’ll end up using less yard bags to collect the leaves!
In the summer, I let my lawn grow high. A higher lawn will trap more moisture and protect the ground from the hot sun, both important things to maintain a healthy lawn during the hot months. But, around Labor Day, I start lowering the lawn mower each time I cut the grass and work my way down to one of the lowest settings by the time the ground starts getting covered with leaves. This is important, because you don’t want to cut off too much of your grass at once as it can ’shock’ the grass in a bad way.
So, cut your grass a little shorter in the fall and enjoy a little less raking!

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