Easy Way To See If People Are Cutting Back

For those who work in the 9-5 office world, I thought of an easy way to check to see if people around you are cutting back:

Open your office refrigerator.

What you’ll find might surprise you. No, I’m not talking about the unidentifiable leftovers that have been there since 2006. I’m talking about just how many more people might be using it.

I’ve noticed in my office that when I go to take my lunch out, it’s been getting a little more crowded over time. I have no problem getting my lunch IN the fridge, because I’m usually the first one in the office in the morning. But, lately, I’ve noticed that getting it OUT is a bit more difficult.


Because people are skipping the lunches out and brown bagging it. So, there’s a lot of extra lunches to wade through from people that have added theirs throughout the day.

Of course, what goes along with that is more rotten fruit, old vegetables, half-eaten leftovers, and other unimaginable things that maybe once used to be food. What IS it about work refrigerators that make people create the most awful science experiments?