September 2009 Goals

Here are some personal and fiinancial goals for the month.

  1. Continue to work out – I’m in my fourth week of getting up five days a week (before work) and exercising on the treadmill.  I need exercise.  I love exercise.  I love working out on the treadmill, but working out in the afternoon / evenings wasn’t getting it done because there was never opportunity to get into a groove.  Just too much going on.  So, I had to overcome the fact that I hated getting up in the mornings to workout and actually do it.  After about the second week, I stopped hating the alarm going off, so I think I may be over the hump.  
  2. Recover from wisdom tooth surgery – OK, so I haven’t had it yet, but it’s scheduled for later in the month.  
  3. Figure out what to do with my MY money – I just had a birthday and my parents gave me a little bit of cash, with the stipulation that I spend it on myself and something I enjoy.  I think sometimes I get so caught up in saving money or applying any extra money to a particular ‘goal’ that I forget what it’s like to go out and do something nice for myself.  So, I am putting the money aside and thinking of what to buy with it.  
  4. Sell a car / buy a car – With Baby Beagle, the two cars we have aren’t ideal.  My parents have agreed to sell us a slightly larger vehicle, so now I have to get that in motion.  Get my car ready to sell (mostly cleaning), sell it, and then go through the purchase of the car with my parents, as well as all the plate transfers.  I would love to have this all done by the end of the month.
  5. Do good in my fantasy sports leagues – I’m currently in a dead heat for first place in my baseball league.  I should, barring anything crazy happening, finish in the top two (first would be nice as I am the defending champ), which will net at least $100 in winnings, so I just need to monitor that.  In addition, some of my buddies and I had our fantasy football draft last night, and I’m hoping to get things going on the right foot there, as well. 
  6. Get caught up on insurance co-pays – We are still getting bills for things associated with the birth of Baby Beagle, which took place back in May.  Every time I think that we’re done, it seems another bill finds our mailbox.  For most of the summer, it seems not a day would go by that we wouldn’t get either an Explanation of Benefit statement or a bill.  We only have one bill outstanding, which I need to call on to get an understanding of what it’s for (since I thought we had already paid up), so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can cross off everything to do with paying for the delivery from the list.

None of this seems outrageous, so I’m hopeful I can get everything done.

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