When Good Deals Go Bad! Massive Price Increase On Costco / Kirkland Diapers!

My wife and I went to Costco last month planning to purchase some diapers.  We’ve been Costco members for a couple of years, and were just recently blessed with the opportunity to purchase diapers.  We’ve been impressed with the price benefit that the Kirkland Signature brand (Costco’s store brand) had offered on many products in the past.  We’d also heard many great things about their prices on diapers, so we decided to take a look.

I was shocked when I found that their unit price per diaper was, for just about every size, higher than the national brand (Huggies) that they sell.

I did some digging and found that they’ve recently raised prices on their diapers.  From the historical prices that I’ve been able to dig up, it looks like the prices have gone up anywhere from 26% to 33% across the board.  This chart speaks for itself:

Really, Costco?  For a store that prides itself on value, especially for the Kirkland product line, this is shocking.  My family and I have become more and more trusting of Costco, and the Kirkland line, and this is a good way to erase a good portion of that trust in one fell swoop.

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3 thoughts on “When Good Deals Go Bad! Massive Price Increase On Costco / Kirkland Diapers!

  1. You have to be really careful with Costco. There are a lot of great deals to be had but on some products there is no deal at all. The diapers you mention are one example. I think they count on consumers just assuming they're getting a good deal without actually comparing prices.

  2. This is good information to know, especially with a baby on the way. We LOVE Costco, but still price compare to make SURE we are getting a good deal. We have memberships at both Costco and Sam's Club, and compare prices between the two and between them and what we could get in other stores $per/item and online.

  3. Roger that, what Mike said. The other thing you have to watch out with at Costco (which like Cappatia I also adore) is that sometimes you'll find a product you want bundled in with various accoutrements and upgrades that you really don't need. The price on the total package is good–less than you'd pay at Target (for example) for the object plus the other goodies–but if you started out to buy just the object, then chances are you actually need ONLY the object. You're being shepherded into buying stuff you don't need and, on reflection, probably don't even want.

    In those cases, I found it's best to put the pretty package down and shop in some other store for the desired item.

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